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Pompi's Astral Communion takes the MPGL S8 Hearthstone Championship

The RNGods answered his prayers

Julius Tabios

Acion Arena's Richard Pompi Castillo successfully claimed the MPGL S8 Hearthstone Championship at ESGS 2016, Saturday night. The enigmatic Pompi bested newcomer Andrei SneerySpace Quiray in a roller coaster of a five game series which saw Pompi overcome an early 2-0 deficit to complete a reverse 3.2 sweep.

Pompi comments how he was feeling during the series's matches in bold.

The series started out with a mirror Hunter match-up, where SneerySpace got the edge thanks to his faster curve. He out tempoed Pompi's deck which featured a Barnes with bigger minions. However, it was the former's mid range hunter that reigned supreme. Face is the place for SneerySpace indeed.

SneerySpace capitalized on his momentum taking the second game as well using his Ramp Druid. The Pompi's Barnes Hunter unfortunately fell short as SneerySpace's deck featured much higher Mana minions, which is the Druid's natural play style. Pompi almost came back with a Barnes-Savannah Highmane play but it was too little too late for the bespectacled competitor.

On the brink of elimination, Pompi finally caught a break as he took his first game. His Secret Hunter featuring Cat Tricks worked very well in keeping board control against the combo dependent Questing Adventurer Rogue fielded by SneerySpace. I made my Hunter deck to be good against Rogues and Warriors so it worked out.

In the following match, a Rogue-Mage tussle, both players started with terrible hands. The tempo Mage of Pompi caught up with early Arcane Intellects and Azure Drakes that helped him gain card advantage. Luck of the draw, my friend.

The best was saved for last as Pompi won on a total gamble. Pompi started the game with a Ravel Idol to produce an Astral Communion with an Innervate in his hand. Pompi managed a turn two Astral Communion thanks to the Innervate. If I didn't have an Innervate at the time I wouldn't have gone for it but the all-in play worked out. SneerySpace tried to play his outs but Pompi was too fortunate in his draws succeeding the Astral Communion. Pompi prayed hard to RNGesus as he got a Ragnaros lethal on a board with three minions for SneerySpace.

The two hugged after the ridiculous last game where SneerySpace playfully told Pompi, 'You lucky bastard.'. Pompi grinned and replied, 'Can't beat luck.' SneerySpace has been beaten by Pompi in the past so he was looking forward to taking his revenge after winning the first matches. Pompi came back with luck and precision so unfortunately for SneerySpace his revenge was delayed as Pompi takes the gold.