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Mineski Reverse Sweeps IPT In PGS Spring Finals

LoL PH's own El Clásico met yet again in a PGS finals

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Mineski-LoL defeated Imperium Pro Team last night to claim the Garena Pro Gaming Series Spring 2017 title.

It was an intense best-of-five with the two undeniably most consistent powerhouse teams in the country showing off just how close their storied rivalry is. This would mark yet another PGS season finals where the two teams are each other's obstacles to claiming the top prize.

In the beginning IPT seemed to be in top form, butting heads against Mineski in consecutive clashes that saw the Imperium boys eking out a small but accumulating lead. They took the first two games of the series off the backs of well-coordinated teamfighting, with small favorable trades creating incremental advantages that were enough to tip the games in their favor.

Come game three however, Mineski turned everything around by turning on the aggression and crippling IPT's key players.

Eleven minutes into game 3 where Mineski's successful Thresh + Jayce gank on JLC's Rumble in the top lane should have been punished with a kill on the unprotected bot. Instead Exo's Fizz danced easily around three ambushers in the river and a quick response from the rest of Mineski turned the counter pick-off into a devastating extended brawl that put Mineski in what would prove to be an impregnable lead.

From then on it was a matter of momentum as IPT seemed to slow down while Mineski accelerated with renewed hope towards the finish line. Game four was tight but game 5 was a downright stomp, with Mineski claiming the win after a clutch reverse sweep.

With this, Mineski-LoL will most likely represent the Philippines in this year's Garena Premier League Spring season.