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Mineski.net Top Stories of 2017, Part 3

We revisit the most-read features and editorials from the past year

Izo Lopez

Today, we're looking back at this past year of esports and the nostalgia is creeping in alongside an encroaching deadline for our end-of-year reports.

As such, we can't help but remember some of our hottest headlines from the year and how they fit into the story of 2017 as one of the most exciting years for esports so far.

For this last part of this look back, we're going to be revisiting our most-read features and editorials.

The Controversies of 2017

What is an industry without its share of controversies? As a news site, we have a responsibility to report what occurs, whether or not it's something people will like and this year was far from perfect. That said, though it is more in our culture to forget than to remember, there is always some value in remembering the past in order to look forward to a brighter future.

Your Favorite Mineski.net Features

Finally, to finish the list, we're going to remember our top features of 2017. These are the real people of the industry who have, in some way, earned their own chapters in the history of esports.

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