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Mineski.net Top Stories of 2017, Part 1

We revisit the most-read PH esports news from the past year

Izo Lopez

Today, we're looking back at this past year of esports and the nostalgia is creeping in alongside an encroaching deadline for our end-of-year reports.

As such, we can't help but remember some of our hottest headlines from the year and how they fit into the story of 2017 as one of the most exciting years for esports so far. For part 1 of this look back, we're going to be revisiting our most-read articles about teams.

TNC and Staz Make History At WESG

Who can forget that it was just this year that TNC Pro Team and Staz brought the Philippine flag to the World Electronic Sports Games 2016 and then came home millionaires?

Mineski-Dota Changes Forever

This was also the year that Mineski-Dota changed its colors permanently and rebranded into an international team. Many complained, but the team is stronger now, and there are more than enough great PH teams still to rally behind with #LabanPinas.

Everyone Loves Abed, Apparently

Lastly, though there were other big headlines about other players this year, it was stories about Abed Yusop which seemed to gather the most attention in 2017. You decided this with your clicks so it seems that many of you must be fans of the Philippines' first 10k MMR player.

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