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TNC, Mineski, and Execration: Who are the Kings of Philippine Dota?

How does the Philippine's best fare against one another?

Julius Tabios

Three names always come to mind when it comes to the Philippine's best in terms of Dota 2. Mineski-Dota, Execration, and TNC Pro Team. Each of them have put Philippines on the international stage and have proven time and time again that the Filipinos are insanely good Dota players.

One could easily say that TNC is the best team out of the three as of writing because of their impressive chemistry and roster. Marc Polo Raven Fausto is the most consistent carry to come from the Philippines as of late and Timothy Tims Randrup is already making waves in the international scene as T-God.

The three teams have had their moments on the big stage as well as heartbreaking struggles. Some days they wage war on the international stage but most days they play for the coveted title of the Kings of Philippine Dota. With two slots at Kiev for the Top Two finishers in the SEA Qualifiers and four Filipino teams (with new team Clutch Gamers and Teehee in Geek Fam) in the mix, the upcoming brawl promises to be a good one. A lot of Filipino fans are hopeful that one of the three top Philippine team makes it on to Ukraine in April. But how do the three usually fare against one another? I'll look at their noteworthy encounters since the Manila Major early last year.

TNC vs Mineski (9-8)

When Raven and company left to join Mushi in Fnatic post-TI, TNC's struggles were capitalized by Mineski as they often got the better of their rivals in that period. The Teehee and Cast era was a forgettable time for TNC. But once TNC stabilized their roster in December of last year by acquiring Tims from Rave and Raven's return at TNC's prodigal son.

They managed to win WESG and have dominated the local scene since. Mineski's roster hasn't changed since Meracle's arrival so chemistry is there but it no longer strikes opponents as daunting and they have looked lost without Scantzor. As it stands, that seemingly slight edge statwise for TNC is a much larger hurdle for the Mineski boys in reality.

TNC vs Execration (6-2)

Surprisingly these two don't see each other often in Valve or LAN qualifiers. Execration's only series win against TNC was with Abed back during the SEA Kappa Invitational last June. But recently it's been TNC who have gotten the upper hand and taken advantage of Execration's post-Abed woes.

Despite Execration getting Filipino crowd favorite DJ in their roster, the team has been very underwhelming as of late. After Gabbi's godlike Puck plays was noticed by the international crowd in the MPGL Southeast Asian Championship in Sengalor last year his weaknesses as a player have shown. His limited hero pool has become a liability for the Cavite-based squad. While Execration have struggled recently, TNC have been nothing short of dazzling with their ever-improving roster as they easily edged out Execration for their slot in recently concluded StarLadder.

Execration vs Mineski (23-16)

Philippines' Dota El Clasico. Over the last 10 months, it was these two who have solidified their rivalry. From Execration qualifying to The International to Mineski taking MPGL 8, these two have a storied past with no side giving way.

Interestingly though, more than half of Execration's wins against Mineski came with Tims and Abed in their roster. Stats don't lie as without the duo, Execration are struggling with only DJ as their source of solid firepower. For their upcoming brawl for Kiev, it looks like Mineski actually have the advantage this time around.

There will be no consistent answer about whether who rules Philippine Dota. But today, there is no doubt in my mind that TNC has that killer edge. Which Filipino team(s) do you hope will make it to the National Palace of Arts in Kiev, Ukraine in April? Let us know in the comments below.