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Mineski-Dota Trades Julz And RR For HappyFeet's Eyyou

The two former Penguins return to their roots

Izo Lopez

To complete its renewed roster, Mineski-Dota traded Ralph Richard 'RR' Peñano and Julius 'Julz' De Leon for HappyFeet's Nico 'eyyou' Barcelon.

This agreement between Mineski-Dota manager Yamyam Villanueva Yui and HappyFeet manager Jerry Ocampo seems, for the most part, beneficial to both teams as RR and Julz will be returning to their old team wherein they found success early in their careers, while Eyyou rejoins Mineski-Dota's star-studded cast under Mushi who was his captain for his brief stint in Fnatic.

The new Mineski-Dota roster:

  • Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung
  • Michael 'ninjaboogie' Ross Jr.
  • Lee 'kYxY' Kong Yang
  • Ryan Jay 'Bimbo' Qui
  • Nico 'eyyou' Barcelon

The new HappyFeet roster:

  • Julius 'Julz' De Leon - Carry
  • Benhur 'Benhur' Lawis - Mid
  • Jayjay 'Yaj' Garan - Offlane
  • Ralph Richard 'RR' Peñano - Support
  • Jessie Cristy 'JessieVash' Cuyco - Support, Captain

As for the status of the remaining unmentioned players from both teams, namely HappyFeet's Benz 'Pason' Henoguin and Mineski-Dota's Galvin 'Meracle' Kang Jian Wen, we from Mineski.net have not yet confirmed their new teams from official sources.