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Mineski-Dota lock-in new roster as trade deadline hits

What's in store for Kuku now?

Juno Reyes

March 27 has arrived, and with it comes the roster lock-in deadline for the upcoming extended Spring-Summer season that covers both the Manila Major as well as The International 2016.

As the deadline drew closer, Filipino fans grew more and more restless to find out who will be playing under the banner of Mineski-Dota, the Philippines' longstanding premier Dota team. As they register their full roster under Mineski.Sports5 (ID: 543897), fans will not be surprised to see former XeniM midlaner and 7K mmr warrior Benhur 'Ben' Lawis officially making his entry as a full-time part of the team, especially after helping Jay and co. out of their slump in order to qualify for ESL One Manila as a standin.

However, fans who have not been watching Mineski-Dota's recent games in the EPICENTER Qualifiers will be shocked to find out that Carlo 'Kuku' Palad has officially left the team, considering his breakout performance in 2015 which helped the team to big showings in Nanyang and Frankfurt.

Replacing him is Cebuano offlaner Jun 'Bokerino' Kanehara, who was once part of the legendary 2014 Arcanys squad that shocked the country by becoming the first ever non-Luzon-based squad to finish the year as overall champions for MPGL PH back in season 6. After multiple failed stints with a variety of teams, Bokerino will be flying in from Cebu to join Mineski-Dota in their gaming mansion boot camp.

from Arcanys' MPGL6 SEA Finals intro

With a new midlaner and offlaner in tow, team captain and fan-favorite Ryan Jay 'Raging Potato' Qui is expected to take the mantle of the 1-position carry.


  • Julius Caesar Julz Sto. Domingo

  • Ryan Jay Raging Potato Qui

  • Jessie Cristy JessieVash Cuyco

  • Jun Bokerino Kanehara

  • Benhur Ben Lawis

  • Mark Cast Pilar (Coach/Sub)

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