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Mineski CSGO to Miss IeSF World Championship 2017

Mineski off the Train to Busan

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The IeSF World Championship 2017 is set to kick off tomorrow at Busan, South Korea. The best CSGO teams from around the world will gather at Busan for four days of FPS action.

The Philippines representatives, Mineski CSGO, took to Twitter to announce that they will not be able to attend the tournament.

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The PeSO Hurdle

Mineski's CSGO squad will not be flying to Korea for IeSF due to a lack of funding for flight tickets and accommodations. Reports from csgo2asia clarified Mineski CSGO's situation. The issue came about after the local qualifier organizers, Philippine eSports Organization, failed to secure the necessary support for the qualified Mineski squad.

“PESO didn’t handle everything as planned," Jayvee “DubsteP” Paguirigan, Team Captain, said. "We only knew tickets were not sponsored by IeSF when it was too late, so we couldn’t apply for a Korean Visa in time because we were in Shanghai for eXTREMESLAND and then attended ASUS ROG Masters APAC Finals.

PESO is giving us so many problems. They can’t even properly explain why there isn’t a sponsor for us, or who is responsible for us. Last year the IeSF directly handled everything. Two weeks after the qualifiers, our plane tickets and everything else was taken care of.”

The Streak of Incompetency

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Mineski's team manager, Yam Villanueva was in constant talks with PeSO Executive Director, Jess Joaustine "Jack D Reaper" Tamboboy but was ultimately unable to get a concrete answer from the local IeSF qualifier organizer until it was too late to act.

"We were told that PeSO would handle the flight details for the team and that Managers would have to take care of their own flight and accommodation," Yam Villanueva, said. "However, we were surprised when they told us that a friend of one of my players was going to sponsor us when it should have been PeSO.

We were told that PeSO failed an evaluation from the IeSF admins so they had to look for other sponsors. It's really frustrating for organizers to hold international qualifiers and not have the funds to support the qualified teams. They should have informed us before the qualifiers about the issues with requirements. The local organizers should not have been complacent in their search for a sponsor.

We constantly asked for updates but all we got were excuses telling us that they were still waiting for confirmations from supposed sponsors. We were mostly ignored up until they told us last minute that there were no sponsors for my team."

We reached out to PeSO for their statement on the issue but there is still no reply from the local IeSF qualifier organizers.

A world class team that earned their spot on an international tournament will not be able to compete because of organizer incompetence. Given their checkered track record of poorly managed events, one has to wonder if PeSO even deserves the name it's claimed.

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