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Mineski-CS:GO Qualifies for the 9th IeSF World Championship

Two time's the charm

Jiro Pineda

After going through the gauntlet of the IeSF Philippine Qualifier, Mineski-CS:GO barely made it through the the finals despite Imperium Pro Team having a one map advantage in the best-of-five series.

They went through the entire series with Mineski taking Mirage and Inferno with 4:16 and 2:16 respectively, making a statement to the boys in blue. IPT tied up the series on Nuke, coming back from a 6:9 first half against MSKI and secured the next ten rounds against the Philippine Powerhouse.

Train was the last map of the series and Mineski didn't let up, securing a 15:0 first half and ended game by securing the pistol round on the second half.

This would be the second time the Mineski-CS:GO would represent the country in the IeSF.

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Kevin dispenser Te, Mineski CS:GO's star player, made headlines during the finals by breaking the record for the highest HLTV rating in a map with 3.45, making his way on to reddit.