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Miami Heat Invest in Esports organization Misfits

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ICYMI: Milwaukee Bucks Co-Owner Buys Into the NA LCS

Team Dignitas, NRG Esports, Apex Gaming, FlyQuest, and Echo Fox have made waves of their own in their respective NA LCS runs. Starting with EFX, National Basketball Association teams have taken their first step into the Esports industry with varied degrees of investment. NBA veteran Rick Fox dived head long into the NA LCS with the brand new EFX squad which acquired the legendary European mid-laner Froggen.

The most recent NBA team to step into the Esports arena, are the Milwaukee Bucks who bought out the NA LCS slot of the Cloud9 Challenger team. The Summoners for the newest NA LCS team have officially locked in yesterday. These instances of traditional sports organizations taking notice of Esports is a welcome change, and the trend seems far from over as a new NBA team takes to the stage.

Can you feel the Heat?

The 3-time NBA Champions, Miami Heat have officially purchased shares in the Misfits Esports organization. The Misfits org which has seen bouts of success with their League of Legends and Overwatch teams. Misfits-LoL have finally qualified for the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split, while the org's OW squad took home the championship in last year's DreamHack Winter 2016 and Overwatch Open tournaments.

The Heat promise to assist mostly in marketing and promotion for the Misfits teams, moving on in the 2017 Esports season. While we're still waiting on confirmation on the rumored Kobe Bryant Esports squad, which NBA team will get into Esports next?

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