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Meet the Masters: Newbee

Can sccc take Newbee to the top?

Maouie Reyes

Since Valve announced the release of patch 7.00 patch for Dota 2 in December last year, there were a total of eight premiere tournaments held worldwide to date. The International 4 champions, Newbee, would have attended six of these had they did not forfeit their Dota Pit Season 5 slot due to conflicting schedule.

Newbee was able to snag two silver finishes and one bronze in those tournaments, solidifying their stance as one of the most consistent Chinese teams. However, despite these impressive stats on their resumé, Newbee hardly pops up in predictions as the over-all champion.

No ‘me’ in Newbee

There’s nothing flashy about Newbee’s play style. They rarely run cheesy strategies that involve brow-raising drafts. What is heavily apparent in their preferred style of play is their ability to act as a single unit—a pivotal characteristic which gives Newbee their own brand of Dota.

Video Credit: Dota 2 Esports Library Youtube

This series against Team Random (ex-Wings Gaming) exemplified signature Newbee play. Despite drafting heroes who are less favored by the meta, Newbee was still able to end the TI6 champions just three minutes short of Kiev Major’s shortest game time.

In the second game, Newbee drafted Rubick, Invoker, and Sand King, three of their top 10 picks in the last three months.

The game showcased how good Newbee’s grasp of the current meta is, as they secured both of the most important phases in the game—early to mid. During these phases they decided to match the aggressive tri-lane of Team Random to give the item-dependent Spectre a hard time.

Simultaneously, they allowed their Terrorblade to farm all the gold and experience he can get. Newbee already had their enemies by their necks as they ended the laning phase with three of their cores topping the net worth chart. Team Random then proceeded to crumble as Newbee began moving as a unit to bring down objectives to close out the series.

Listen to this ‘Song’

A mechanically-skilled player who broke out from Newbee’s sister team, Newbee.Young, Song "Sccc" Chun was able to show just how much he can contribute to that the main team. His ability to outmatch, his mid lane counterpart rather easily and eventually nail crucial plays have been the key for Newbee’s wins. There’s a reason why he was able to reach 9000 MMR. Teams should be wary not to let this guy play his Shadow Fiend, which boasts boasts an impressive 66.36% win rate in 110 games.

Invictus Gaming: a head-to-head matchup between China’s best would surely be a treat for the fans at the Manila Masters. Both teams’ have a distinct flair on how they run the meta and draft their heroes. However, according to DatDota, IG has been crushing Newbee in all of their encounters at premiere tournaments since 7.00 with a score of 6-0.

So will Newbee be finally able break the drought and add one point on the scoreboard?

Realistically speaking, Newbee is not primed to win the Manila Masters. The competition has been stiffer this time given the current performances of their probable opponents. However, let’s not rule them out completely. Newbee still is one the most consistent threats in international stages. We should expect nothing less than a 5-6th place finish for this team.