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Match-Fixing Allegations Name Prominent Local Players

Damning chat logs were leaked through Nando's hacked Facebook account

Izo Lopez

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UPDATE: The conversation with Paul is from 2015, ruling out the current HappyFeet roster. Our investigation now leads us to believe that the conversation might refer to the 2015 roster of Acion Arena which includes Jaysie Garan, and ChampoOy.

Disclaimer: all the following details are presented as allegations, pending further investigation. The Mineski.net team is still uncovering further details, and will update this article accordingly.

Match-fixing or "322", as termed by the community, continues to plague the local pro and semi-pro scene.

Several damning chat logs were leaked online after Execration player Fernando "Nando" Mendoza's phone was stolen and his Facebook account hacked around 8pm yesterday. These online conversations are with players Paul "P-" De Leon and Erice Guerra and name several players as involved in various cases of match-fixing.

Please note that Mineski.net does not condone the hacking of Facebook accounts, and we have decided not to publish any of the mentioned conversations given that they have been disclosed without the express permission of the involved parties. Suffice it to say that the editorial team has reviewed the aforementioned screenshots of Nando's conversations, and distilled the pertinent information below.

Conversation with Paul De Leon from 2015
  • Paul asks Nando to convince Kimuel "Kim0" Rodis to deliberately lose a game to secure a bet.
  • Paul offers that a person named "Mito" (MitoVahn Stoney) will pay 1000$ for the loss.
  • Paul mentions that a similar offer was made to and accepted by Jayjay "Yaj" Garan from Acion Arena at the time.
  • Paul confirms that he is the "salestalker", while the money comes from Mito.
  • The matchfixing deal with Yaj involves "Champ" (now believed to be ChampoOy from the AcA 2015 roster).
  • The remaining three members of AcA are supposedly unaware of the deal.
  • Paul also mentions players Jacko (Jacko Soriano), Inso (Angelo "Inso" Sales) and "Ken" (identity unknown) who might also be involved in match fixing.
  • Paul also mentions "Chino" (possibly Alchino "Yabish" Yusores) earning from match fixing through a direct line to managers.
Conversation with Erice Guerra
  • Erice confirms that Chino was involved in match fixing during the WESG (S1 Lykos).
  • Erice confirms that the three players involved were Chino, Paul, and Jacko.
  • Erice remarks that he and Mark "BYB" Gavin did not know about the match fixing.
  • For the meantime, the prize winnings from WESG are being withheld internally due to the match fixing.

Muhajir Migcampong

Mineski.net has also collected statements from some of the mentioned persons:

From Erice: Chino, Paul, and Jacko were involved. Myself, BYB, and manager Jhake Santos did not know. Jhake decided not to have the offending players banned.

From Mito: I am not the mastermind, but I am contacted when there is match fixing, and I usually have the largest bet. The "150k" alluded to in the conversation with Paul is not from match fixing.

From Muhajir Migcampong: Only Yaj and Champoy were involved in match-fixing from the 2015 Acion Arena roster. Even we were suspicious of Yaj's plays. I'd like to assert that we are good players and that Yaj at the time was a new member of the team.

We also reached out to some of the other persons mentioned and are awaiting their responses. We are inviting them to respond to the allegations. They may contact [email protected] for their official statements, which we will be updating this article with as we receive them.

Stay tuned for more updates.