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Mason: Digital Chaos Disbanded

He's already looking for a new team.

Julius Tabios

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Digital Chaos have gone under the radar over the last couple of months. They dropped out of the recent Midas Mode and ever since the departure of star mid laner Abed and offlaner MoonMeander, it looked the North American team have lost their identity.

DC carry Mason blurted out that his team has disbanded while playing with Sneyking on stream. It was also recently announced that DC hard support DeMoN will be standing-in for Peruvian squad Sacred in the upcoming The Summit 8. This is not the first time that Digital Chaos will overhaul their roster as the Misery-lead that made it to The International 6 finals packed up and left to become Thunderbirds.

No official statement has been released by SUNSfan and the organization on the matter however.