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Major Upsets in the Kraków Major

PGL Major Kraków 2017 Day 1 Recap

Jiro Pineda

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Day one started off intense as teams entered the first day of the CS:GO Major. Three Dragons got wounded by the Dragonslayers during the competition, shedding light for the underdogs and boosted their confidence leading up into day 2.

BIG vs FaZe Clan

The first upset of the day started off in the fifth match as BIG started things off with an aggressive take on the pistol round but Aleksi allu Jalli and Nikola NiKo Kovač turned things around in a 2v4 situation, letting their team take the lead 4-0. BIG retaliated with a three round streak, closing the gap and pushing FaZe in an economical disadvantage which ultimately led to a tied match with 4-4. FaZe took control once again, went for a double AWP setup and started dropping bodies left and right, allowing them to gain a two point lead against BIG. Johannes nex Maget won a 1v2 clutch against FaZe, which boosted their morale and pushed the first half to an 8-7 scoreline in favor of BIG.

BIG took the pistol round this time with the help of Johanness tabseN Wodarz after making three headshots in a lurk, letting the German team get the economical advantage and pushed their score up to 14. A timeout was called by FaZe Clan with hopes of stopping the German Train from plowing any further, but was still shut down by BIG, ending the game with a scoreline of 16-8.

North vs Cloud9

Fresh from ESL One: Cologne 2017, Cloud9 started off strong in their first match of the tournament with a strong pistol round that allowed them to take the early three-round lead against North. Jordan n0thing Gilber wrecked havoc after getting a 4k against the Danes and allowed the North American team to take round after round, pushing the score to 7-3. North answered back after a tactical timeout as Kristian k0nfig Wienecke got a 3k. Mike shroud Grzesiek answered back with a 2k in a 2v2 situation, but it wasn't enough as North closed out the first half with a 10-5 scoreline.

North took the pistol round with the help of Emil Magisk Reif, getting a 4k, allowing C9 to buy up and tie up the scoreline to 10-10. Rounds flew left and right as both teams just wouldn't let up, with the score line getting pushed up to 11-11. Tyler Skadoodle Latham got a 4k against North before getting shut down. This was the turning point for North as C9 put the Danes in a huge economic disadvantage, even with a hard reset. The North American team sealed the deal with back-to-back rounds, ending the game with 16-12.

Natus Vincere vs G2 Esports

Na'Vi dominated the pistol round with the help of Aleksandr s1mple Kostyliev, securing a 3k and consequently allowed the CIS squad to take three more rounds, pushing their score up to 4-0. G2 finally got their first round after Kenny kennyS Schrub clutched a 1v2 situation with the AWP and finally put the Frenchmen on the board. A few rounds down the line, s1mple was able to shut down an aggression from G2 with a 3k and helped them secure the remaining rounds of the first half with ease, 12-3.

The French Super Team needed to prove why they're called just that and started plowing their way through the second half as they take over the pistol round, allowing them to catch up to Na'Vi's lead, despite the CIS squad's effort to put a stop to them. With Dan apEX Madesclaire clutching the living hell out of a 1v2 and kennyS going ham with the AWP with a 4k, the scoreline's getting closer and closer as rounds go by. Na`Vi was finally able to shutdown their adversary and was able to secure a round. 13-10's on the board and G2 kept pushing the limit to their playstyles. Legendary AWPer Ladislav GuardiaN Kovács woke up and stopped the French team's aggression, pushing the score up to 14-10 but at the end of the day, G2 caught up to them and ultimately ended their first match of the tournament with a 16-14 scoreline and high hopes.

Day 1 Highlights