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Loda leaves The Alliance roster

It’s the start of a new Er[A]

Maouie Reyes

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The Alliance team captain and team owner Jonathan “Loda” Berg announced yesterday that he will be taking a hiatus from the professional scene ahead of a looming The International 7 Qualifiers.

His decision came in as a shock to the Dota 2 community as he has been leading the organization way before they won The International 3. However, despite his move being a hard one, Loda admitted that it doesn’t feel right for him to continue.

This was not an easy decision to make, and I know that a lot of you will be very disappointed. But it is the right one for me, and I hope you can respect that… I need a break,” he said.

In his statement, Loda pointed that juggling his roles as Alliance’s team owner and team captain has been hard for him. Even though he thought that he was the perfect guy for the job, his team’s performance during the last tournaments reflected otherwise.

I have not been able to give Dota my 100% focus and to anyone aiming to win TI that says it all,” Loda confessed.

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While it’s definitely an end of an era for The Alliance as the last Aegis of the Immortal bearer bids goodbye, another ‘era’ is just about to start. Filling the gap Loda left on their roster will be another famed Swedish player, Adrian “Era” Kryeziu.

"It’s been some time since those days but I am very excited about teaming up with my old friends again and I am looking forward to playing for Alliance in the upcoming qualifiers.“ the ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas carry expressed.

The Alliance will be playing in The International 7 European Open Qualifiers because of their last minute roster change.

The Alliance

  • Adrian “Era” Kryeziu
  • Linus “Limmp” Blomdin
  • Jonas “jonassomfan” Lindholm
  • Axel “Pablo” Källman
  • Simon “Handsken” Haag
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