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Mineski-LoL's Exosen Shares His Thoughts About the State of the Game

Do you agree with him?

Julius Tabios

Esports relies on a constantly changing landscape. League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, and Counter Strike have always found to shake things up to keep the scene interesting with patches being released often. Adapting has become key for the pros to stay relevant in the highly competitive industry.

League, in particular, has always had these heroes who have been dominant during a particular meta. Fans have said that it has been going into a stale direction but who can say how LoL really is looking today from a competitive aspect? So we decided to ask Mineski-League of Legends ace midlaner Eric Exosen Gubatan about his thoughts.

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Exosen is known as the best mid laner in the Philippines today and he had this to say about the current patch:

I believe the current patch is actually a bit imbalanced. There are only a set number of AD carries that you can really rely on such as Varus, Xayah, and Caitlyn. It does get repetitive. The Rift Herald has been such a key factor in the game too. It requires you to pick a champion that can become strong early on is able to take the mob early. Because once you get the Herald, it becomes ridiculously easy to transition it into objectives afterwards which can snowball you into a win.

I personally don't like where the game is going right now and I solemnly wish more champions were more viable. More AD Carries have to be relevant. So players have more strategic freedom.

What are your thoughts about the patch’s competitive impact locally, regionally, and internationally?

I don't think the patch is particularly hard so it won't drastically affect the playing field. Almost every team now has a coach and an analyst who can ease in players and pinpoint the most impactful changes.

What do you think can be done to put LoL in a better place?

They definitely have to make more champs viable. That's the number one thing they should aim for. The fixed meta quickly becomes stale after everyone dissects it everyone. There will always be those top champs that you have to ban and pick to remain in a competitive. League would sincerely become fun again if the big champion pool was really utilized. No one wants to see the same champs, game-in and game-out right?

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(Exosen's words have been translated from Filipino and edited for clarity.)