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LCK Veterans Ssumday & Chaser Join Team Dignitas

Pre-Season 2017 Roster Update

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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Team Dignitas has been a corner stone of the NA LCS league since it's inception in 2013. They have been involved in many memorable games across the years up until their lackluster 2016 performance which led to the team getting knocked out of the league by Team Dragon Knights. DIG entered the competitive League of Legends scene along with other top NA teams like Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid. Now they fight for their lives trying to get back into the main LCS tournament.

A Silent LCS Exit

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The folks at Riot even made a quaint tribute video addressing DIG dropping out of the NA LCS. The team has since been silent, up until recently when they announced the addition of two strong members to their starting lineup. Former KT Rolster top laner Ssumday and former Longzhu Gaming jungler Chaser have officially joined the NA-based Dignitas squad, bolstering their front lines on their journey back to the NA LCS.

Team Dignitas is not the first team to pick up imports to fortify their lineup, and they will not be the last. A lot of teams scramble to find some of the best LCK players looking to play in other regions. The NA tournaments are set to start early next year so be sure to keep an eye on Team Dignitas in the upcoming months.

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