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KONG.ID: The SEA Paladins Representative at HRX 2018

Exclusive Interview

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Thank you to Eric Soejatno for submitting this article!

The Paladins scene in SEA may be less popular than other games, but they always get spots in international competitions. The scene is also growing day by day. In the past there was FearUs that represented SEA at DreamHack Valencia.

Paladins also hold their first ever world championship called the Paladins World Championship 2018 which happen on the same date of HiRez Expo (HRX 2018) in Atlanta, USA. SEA also received one qualifier slot which was held at ESGS 2017 on 27-29 October.

KONG.ID which has now been acquired by Entity Gaming, became the representative of the SEA region. They won against Pavallione in the final in a 3-0 victory. We got a chance to interview Fauzan "MOMOJee" Yuzarli, KONG.ID's captain.

Questions from Eric Soejatno are in bold.

Eric Soejatno: How were you scouted and approached by Entity Gaming?

MOMOJee: We knew Entity from the first day of ESGS, their SMITE team also qualify for HRX 2018 on January. On the day that we had amatch there was a representative from Entity scouting us. After the match our manager made an appointment to meet up the day after tomorrow.

Since we are an underdog team, our funding is limited, we saw an opportunity in Entity but it wasn't excessive because Paladins is a budding scene. In Indonesia there are only a few people who know the game.

So they saw the same opportunity we did. Even though we are sponsored by Entity Gaming from India, we are still based in Indonesia.

What does this sponsorhip mean for you?

For me and my team, this is a big opportunity for us because we are one step ahead from where we were and we don’t want to waste this chance.

I mean one step ahead in every aspect. We are the first team from SEA to go to HRX and we want to make improve the SEA Paladins scene especially from Hi-Rez. For example there is a team in China that got 2nd place in Dreamhack Valencia.

And of course it made the China scene bigger. It made Hirez give 2 slots to China. We want to do the same thing for the SEA region.

How do you think you will fare in the Paladin World Champions?

For our opponnent we know the China representatives are JC and QG, Australia is represented by Kanga Esports. NA maybe G2, Renegades, and SK Gaming. NaVi, Fnatic, and VP might represent the EU region.

Our target of course is that we want to win HRX 2018, but our minimum target is top 3.

How do you feel about representing Indonesia in an international tournament?

Of course we are proud and anxious at the same time ha ha. Because we are not only representing Indonesia but also the SEA region.

Do you plan to continue as a professional Paladin player for as long as you can? Is this your dream career?

For now, maybe yes because before I joined Paladins esports, I also tried CS:GO but not as deep as Paladins.

If Paladins is my dream career, I'd say yes, who doesn’t want play the game that you like and get paid and also get to travel around the world. We just do it and look towards the future.