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Four Teams Knocked Out from the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas Group Stages

DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 Day 2 Recap

Jiro Pineda

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Four teams bid farewell after an intense day of matches in Day 2 of the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas group stages. Everything looked fairly one sided, and definitely set the stage for the remaining teams for tonight's last round of eliminations! Here's what to the elimination match-ups.


North vs compLexity

The pistol round goes to North after a 1v1 clutch from k0nfig against android-x23's plant. Complexity went for a force buy on round three but North's defense forced them back. North kept their momentum and stole the show with a 5:1 lead thanks to beautiful defense. North kep the momentum going and eventually secured the first half with a decisive 14:1 lead.

On the second half, Complexity got the upper hand on the pistol round, and followed it up with two more rounds to push the score up to 14:4. But, as they say, THE NORTH REMEMBERS and they ended the game with 16:4 on the board.


Fnatic vs Misfits

Fnatic was able to secure the pistol round after a 1v2 clutch from flusha and Misfits just got run over by the Swedes as they lost round after round; five rounds to be exact. Relyks stopped the momentum from Fnatic and made sure that the North Amercans would have a foothold in the match, putting the score to 5:2. JW and the rest of the Swedish powerhouse rolled through three straight rounds against Misfits and pushed their lead to 8:2. Shazam and Twistzz took the retake into their own hands and secured a couple more rounds before ending the first half with 11:4 on the board.

The second half came in and Misfits went ahead and secured the pistol round. Fnatic's anti-eco weren't as effective as they expected and the NA team pushed their deficit to just four rounds as they secured a 7:11 scoreline. They kept going for two more rounds until Fnatic got the full buy, where they immediately won, putting the score to 12:9. The rest is just history, with 16:9 being the final score for the match and effectively knocking out Misfits from the tournament.


Ninjas in Pyjamas vs TyLoo

NiP takes the pistol round after f0rest took things into his own hands and immediately went ham with a 4k against the TyLoo. With this, the Ninjas were able to secure a couple more anti ecos before the Chinese powerhouse were able to get the buy rounds with the help from Captain Mo with an aggressive AWP play style. NiP kept pushing through, though, making sure TyLoo's down in the economic game. This cemented NiP's lead to 10:5.

The Royal Family of CS just reminded everyone why they're the best of the best, making sure that TyLoo stays where they are and delivered round after round of pure destruction, ending the game with 16:5 on the board.


Natus Vincere vs Renegades

S1mple just immediately went ham in the pistol round, quickly getting the first two frags of the game and flamie followed it up with a 3k to secure the pistol round. The Aussies went ahead and secured the eco round following that and tied up the game to 1:1 and pushed their lead up and gave the CIS team a hard time. S1mple went ham and took things into his own hands ang gave Na`Vi their third round after a 3v1 retake ace, but it just isn't enough as Renegades just kept plowing through. The CIS team flipped the switch when they were down 2:6, and decided to finish off the first half with 9:6 and take the lead.

On the second half Na`Vi plowed through the pistol round once again after a beautiful retake, but the CIS squad cemented their lead and ended the game with 16:6 on the board.