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Kayn: The Rift's Second Reaper

League of Legends Newest Champion Kayn Goes Live

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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Summoner's Rift just got it's second reaper following the infamous rage-quit-inducing Karthas, oh and hey would you look at that their names both begin with K. Kayn is the latest champion to join the pantheon of League of Legends, and he's not coming to the battlefield alone.


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Kayn's early teaser videos show him changing into one of two different forms. The two forms have distinct designs and seem to have different effects on Kayn's abilities. It was not until the official Champion Spotlight where we got a full explanation of how his abilities work.

Kayn is a 2-person champion, like Kindred, but unlike Kindred, Kayn is constantly in battle with his sentient scythe named Rhaast which seeks to possess his body. You help influence the fight towards one way or the other depending on which champions you wail on while in battle. Hits on enemy ranged champions help give Kayn control, while hitting enemy melee champions go towards letting Rhaast take control of Kayn.

In the most basic sense of how the two forms differ, Kayn's Dark Assassin form gives extra movement speed, base damage, and ult range. Rhaast's Darkin form turns you into a tank-hunter, giving percent health damage, self-heal, and a knock-up CC.

Pick Your Poison

Kayn and his weapon, Rhaast, provide a unique dynamic to the rift. You will have to make a decision early on to build towards whichever form will benefit your team in the long run. Alternatively, you can go towards whichever form you want to run with and hope that you'll be bringing victory to your team. It will certainly be interesting to see how the professional summoners will be making use of such a unique champion. So which form do you prefer?