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Julz Returned To The Carry Role, Helped HappyFeet Secure Top 8 in WESG APAC 2017

Entity Gaming and Enderr also secure playoff slots.

Julius Tabios

Day 2 of the World Electronic Sports Games APAC 2017 Finals concluded earlier today. Dota 2 team HappyFeet qualified to the playoff stage after shrugging off an erratic start when they lost to Mongolian team Old But Gold.

But wins against Indian team Signify and Turkmenistan's Kabal Gaming helped the Penguins ensure they live for another day. They finished the day facing the undefeated Rock.Y from China giving them their first los. Julz return to carry proved to be a good move as he gives HappyFeet a well-needed boost.

Entity Gaming also managed to secure their slots in the final stage with wins over Team Lebanon and HOMETE from South Korea.

Local StarCraft 2 legend, Enderr also secured his phase in the next stage after losing his first match of the day against WuMin from Chinese Taipei. A surprise Mothership turned the tide against Enderr and caught him by surprise. Fortunately, Enderr picked up wins the rest of the day to make sure he made it to the playoff stage.

Sadly, not all Philippine reps faired so well as Mineski:CS-GO struggled off the gate as they began the tournament with three straight losses. The veteran squad did not make it to the playoff period.

HappyFeet, Entity Gaming, and Enderr will join IAmTheTable as they go for more glory in the latter stage of the tournament.