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In Your Sights: From MOBAs to a Shooter with Eldood

For Eldood, gaming is a passion.

Julius Tabios

In Your Sights is an article series produced by Mineski.net. In it, local Overwatch pro players share a little about themselves and their own stories.

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So can you introduce yourself to our readers? How did you get into the esports scene and eventually into competitive Overwatch?

I’m Mark Allen Dizon, my nickname is markydoodle and I got my IGN from my nickname which is eldood , (doodle spelled backwards). I really like playing video games because it’s fun and challenging at the same time. I started playing competitively on MOBA games like Dota 1 and Dota 2 way back 2013, which me and my team joined a lot of tournaments. We mostly played in the Wargods Tournament , MPGL, Rappler Gaming League, Gigabyte SM North Challenge and other online/lan tournaments.

The first time I started playing was when my friend Link asked me if I’m interested in playing a game called Overwatch. At first I wasn’t really familiar with fps games but when I saw the gameplay, I got hooked in and bought it. I started playing the game mid season 2 and ended up Diamond in 2 months. At that time a former schoolmate from Don Bosco Technical College, Jet , asked me if I am interested in forming a team in Overwatch (Crystal Gaming) since it’s new to the esports scene.

How did you form your team? Tell us about your teammates.

It started when we joined a tournament of Overwatch at Mineski U-pad. We joined the tournament just for fun and some get together with our Overwatch friends, Regretsu, Maleli, Link, Dreadraven, and Xgriever.

We got 3rd place and won 1 round against another pro team. After that, Link and I decided to form a competitive Overwatch team. Our team right now is Crystal Gaming. Our roster consist of me , Joshua Vizconde, JM Paed, and Alec Herrera. They were my teammates in my last group and then we started to recruit and finally added two new members : Fil Mayor, and John Cruz.

Do you think Overwatch will become as big as Dota 2 and LoL? What are your expectations about the budding local scene?

In my opinion, the game will make it’s way through the esports scene, just like Dota 2 and LoL. It will just take some time since it’s new and it’s not free-to-play. Most computer shops can’t even handle the game’s high demand on specs. But yes, it’s a fast growing community and the game will eventually find it’s place.

What was the highest point in your competitive career so far? Lowest moment?

My highest point in playing competitive so far is I think when I slept a Nano Boosted Genji Ultimate that could have wiped us all out at any moment. Then my lowest moment was probably when I was tempted to do damage as Ana and I died against an enemy Mercy in a 1v1 fight. laughs

What do you think about the current meta of the game? Favorite strats? Favorite heroes? Favorite pros?

I really like the current meta right now since it is balanced which is composed of 2-2- 2(2 dps,2 tanks, 2 supports) mostly and the hero pool rotations are now well rounded. I really like playing Widowmaker a lot and because of the current meta , I can easily pick off more squishy targets, unlike before when the meta was full of tanks because of the OP healing of Ana. Even though my role in my team is support as Ana, I’d still love to snipe people out.

My favorite pro player is Ryujehong from Lunatic Hai, maybe because of his Ana playstyle that is able to carry games and his inhuman reaction with his sleep dart that can turn the tides around in crucial moments.

Any words for the local OW community? Fans?

I really like the community of Overwatch because most of them are friendly , We’re also looking forward for more tournaments (local/international) Overwatch is a really fast growing community It will just take some time .

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