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Impunity Reverse Sweep Infamous To Claim Vainglory 8 Sumer Championships

Epic plays all around

Julius Tabios

Fans flocked to the Telkomsel Smart Office in Jakarta, Indonesia for the Vainglory 8 SEA Summer Championships concluded earlier today. Four of the region's best teams went head-to-head for the hopeful ticket to the Vainglory World Championship in a single elimination Best-of-Five tournament.

In Day 1, the opening match between Popeyes and Impunity had its fair share of ups and downs. In the deciding match, Tezzaboy98 did an insane Kraken steal to keep Popeyes alive down 2-1. But a questionable dive from them moments later threw away their chances in the first series of the day as Popeyes will have to settle for the battle for 3rd Place match on Day 2.

In the second match of Day 1, Infamous and Elite 8 churned out the most exciting series of the day. E8's Hundjaegers was constantly outplaying Infamous' spaghetti in the final in the thriller. With Infamous on the verge of defeat, they started playing out of their minds. They pulled off a miracle defense with E8 going for their jugular with a Kraken push. Infamous managed to turn them back and keep their Vain Crystal at a sliver of health taking down all of E8's heroes. Infamous then capitalized on their momentum and really took the fight against E8 as they completed the comeback after dominating the early part of their series.

In the battle for third, prior the ultimate Grand Finals on Day between Elite 8 and Popeyes it was Chinggy and Tezzaboy98 stepping up. Popeyes convincingly dismantled Elite 8 2-1 as they end their stint in the tournament on a winning note.

In the ultimate final match of Impunity versus Infamous. We saw spaghetti going up against his former team, Impunity with a chip on his shoulder. In the last Vainglory major tournament in Manila, spaghetti was defeated by Elite 8 in the finals when he was still playing for Impunity. Now with a bit more experience behind his back, the young star was catalyst in the Infamous victory. Impunity played their best game as they kept dominated Infamous and kept their tournament hope alive in Game 3 while they were down 2-0. The momentum was in Impunity's side as they swept the rug under Infamous and took another game after a cheeky backdoor play from deftQ sniped the Vain Crystal. In the winner take all Game 5, all the gloves were off. Impunity completed the reverse sweep against Infamous after breaking down their opponent's and adjusting throughout the five game series.