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Impunity Looks to Defend the Home Court

Road to Vainglory 2017 World Championship

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Impunity will be heading to the Vainglory 2017 World Championship as the representatives from Singapore and the SEA region. Impunity managed to secure their slot at the World Championship through the Vainglory SEA Summer Championships - Jakarta tournament. The Singapore squad managed to reverse sweep their finals series against Infamous for a chance to win the championship in their own home court.

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We had a chance to talk to Impunity's captain, Amos "Quatervois" Ker Zhen Shun, to get his insight on his the journey his team has taken to qualify for Worlds and what we can expect from Impunity next month.

Questions from Mineski.net are in bold.

Mineski.net: When you're not training for Vainglory do you guys hang out as friends? What do you do when you do?

Quatervois: Our lives mainly revolve around our education and other commitments but we make it a point to train offline each weekend to be in sync. After training, we’ll grab dinner with our team and management to talk about anything unrelated to the game.

How have your friends and family reacted to you being pro gamers? Are they supportive?

It wasn’t an easy journey until we show that we could balance our life with the game. Eventually, they accepted that it’s now part of our life and we’re working hard to chase after a dream.

How has Vainglory and esports in general impacted your lives?

When I got into the community, I got to know so much more friends, but it’s when I joined my team that I found like-minded individuals who feel as close as brothers to me. Esports gradually showed me that it's not just about competitive gaming but all the other elements such as sportsmanship, discipline, and always putting on a good show for the audience who cheer for you.

When you're playing, who tends to call the shots or direct the team?

I’m usually the one calling the shots but my team plays an important role in feeding me the information for me to make clearer judgment.

Do you tilt very easily? Who's the first to tilt?

Back in Manila, we once tilted really bad which cost us the chance to be qualified and since then we have been working back up again. With the help of our management team, I believe we have gone through the barrier and are now able to compete with more composure. Our new roster has yet to have any individual tilt in a series or game, and that's how we managed to keep our morale high in the recent live championship finals, where we were down 0-2 but eventually reverse swept and won three consecutive games convincingly, and took the ticket to worlds with a 3-2 score.

In SEA, is there a team you follow as rivals, or even admire as fans?

We respect Elite 8 a lot and we admire how they could rally their community to cheer so hard for them. That community spirit left us breathless. It will always be an unforgettable memory when Elite 8 and the Indonesian fans cheered for us during our previous Vainglory 8 and we would cheer as hard for them in the upcoming World Championship too.

What about SEA vs the rest of the world? How do you think you and your contemporaries in SEA compare versus the Western teams?

We surely lose out quite a lot considering that we are not able to practice the game as much as how the other professional teams do hence we spend quality time to study the styles of each region.

Are there people you are most thankful to for how far you've come? What was their contribution to your path to Worlds?

Firstly I am very thankful to my teammates who are really cooperative and compromising on our mismatch of schedules. Thankful to our coach and manager on the empowering of our mental and physical health. Thankful to our sponsors such as Samsung for the mobile phones, Logitech for the headgear, SCOGA / Informatics Academy for the training facilities and Morris Grayson for the financial support. Thankful to our family and loved ones for the compassion and support. I would also love to thank my girlfriend for being the most supportive person, and always being by my side when I'm pursuing my dream. Last but not the least for the community’s active support along with the other competitive teams who have been practicing with us. We hope to do everyone proud.

Impunity heads to the Vainglory World Championship for the second year in a row. Show your support for the Singapore squad next month as Worlds kicks off on December 14, 2017!