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Heroes and Zeroes of the Boston Major Grand Finals

Who stood out the most in the OG-Ad Finem match-up?

Julius Tabios

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It was the Greek Lightning of Ad Finem going up against the #DreamGreen squad of OG in the Boston Major Grand Finals at the Wang Theatre. OG took home the $1,000,000 prize pool and the Eaglesong in a 3-1 series. Which players rose to the occasion? Which players succumbed to the pressure? It's time for another Heroes and Zeroes look in the Boston Major Grand Finals.

Game 1

Rolling with the best

Jesse JeRax Vainikka continues to show why he is the one true Earth Spirit lord with another scintillating performance in the Major. What better time for another godly ES game to come for Jerax than in the Finals as he applied constant pressure into the Ad Finem lanes from the get-go. His game high 13 assists showed just how efficient he was as he also allowed OG to take the fights they wanted to take with crisp initiation from the explosive Finn.

Puck out

Dimitris Thug Plivouris averaged a 4.5 KDA (including the Grand Finals) and was the most fear Puck in the whole tournament. Leave it to the boys of OG to make the tournament Puck god look like a scrub. He died six times in the series opener and was forced out to buy a Linken's Sphere before going for his signature Dagon 5 rush. Thug was simply outclassed by the ever-improving Anathan ana Pham in the early game and was wanting of any real momentum.

Game 2

s4, right at home in the offlane

The Alliance legend Gustav s4 Magnusson has been a revelation for the #DreamGreen squad since joining them a couple of months ago. s4 has been a playmaker since his mid days but his transition to offlane is really looking like a match made in heaven. He can afford to die at the Position 3 spot and ends up making alot of space for both ana and Johan n0tail Sundstein. In Game 2 of the Grand Final, s4's Slardar was insane. His initiations were perfect and his very early 11 minute Blink Dagger allowed him to bring the pain to the Greeks. Oh did I mention that s4 did not die a single time in that game while picking up five kills an eleven assists.

No Track, no game

The legendary Bounty Hunter of Verros Maybe Next Time Apostolos's Mirana came into play in Game 2. Because of MNT's prolific reputation in the hero, OG were extremely ready for him. He couldn't make anything work for his Greek comrades as he picked up eight deaths. He and his team couldn't find any Track kills for any gold spikes. In what was probably MNT's worst Bounty Hunter game ever he was limited to a measly 148 GPM.

Game 3

Madara goes next level

Omar Madara Dabachach was an absolute beast for Ad Finem in Game 3. The untouchable carry did everything right for his team as they were kept in the series by the Greek star. He lead the game in GPM (725), Hero Damage (65,624), and Tower Damage (13,718). Just when OG were looking to comeback from Mega Creeps, Madara was there to save the day. In the most crucial play of the game, he teamed up with Maybe Next Time to teleport on him while he was going for the Ancient at the perfect time to secure their only win in the series.

DK what you're doing

Ana played the frontline role for OG on his Dragon Knight in Game 3. While he had okay item progression throughout the game, the young mid player showed he was still kind of rough in the edges as he lacked the discipline to know when to back. He picked up 14 deaths and ended up with lower GPM than JeRax's support Mirana.

Game 4

Macho Man n0tail

While ana looked more impressive on his Invoker, I'm giving the Hero of Game 4 to n0tail's Sven. Carries can sometimes be stuck in a tunnel vision mentality and never end up making the smart rotations until the late game. n0tail knew exactly when to rotate and make himself involved despite being on the very greedy Sven as he was involved in 22 of 35 of his team's kills. His rotations also didn't slow down his farm too as his micro on his Dominated creeps was stacking every moment he got.

Maybe next time the Sacred Arrow will hit

Famed Boston Major courier assassin Maybe Next Time's Mirana was almost non existential in Game 4. Mirana has fallen off upon the favorable supports in the meta because she is literally a hit or a miss. Not that she is purely dependent on the Sacred Arrow but if the hero doesn't dictate the tempo as a support she falls off very, very quickly. Plus with the reemergence of core Miranas who get Aghanim's Scepter early for insane bursts the hero isn't a good support anymore with several better picks available. MNT's performance showed why that was as his Arrows were well spotted by OG and his 24 minute Aghanim's Scepter was too little, too late for the Greek Lions.