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Hearthstone finally adds two requested Features

Time to add more friends in Hearthstone

Julius Tabios

Hearthstone is amping up its social aspect even further with a couple of new features. This upcoming update for the game is truly a welcome change.

The first change will allow Friends to challenge one another in order to complete their quests. This makes it easier for people who don't play that often a better chance to complete their Dailies and get that precious, extra gold. Staying competitive with a minimal collection is a tall order and those extra packs go a long way in making the game a much more enjoyable experience.

The second change is the ability to now import decks by simply copy and pasting. Easy peasy. When you have a completed deck there will now be a copy option and you can simply send it to your friends to help them get out of Rank 25. It will also be easier for you to to import deck lists from external sources as well so it's not solely for beginners. It was a fairly simple feature that was absent in the game for quite some time. Better late than never for Blizzard, as this will help improve its community building on a larger scale.

Local Hearthstone pro Richard Pompi Castillo told Mineski.net his thoughts about the changes:

For now the deck to text feature might look like a casual update but it certainly is a step in the right direction. Deck archiving can be used in the future for a built in game tournament modes to lock your lists/line up to avoid possible misqueue or side decking, a feature that a lot of competitive players have been waiting for since 2015. For the friendly battle being viable to finish a quest, it just helps the players focus more on competitive or ladder since its quicker to finish a quest that way. Also RIP Casual Mode since for the longest time its purpose for me was for those pesky odd quests.

As Hearthstone continues to grow, it's great to know that Blizzard has its players in their best interest.