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Hearthstone Round-up: Spring Tavern Hero Qualifiers, Global Games, and an Interview with the PH Team

Catch up on the latest Hearthstone action from the archipelago!

Tavern Hero Qualifiers Spring

Last April 9, the first Tavern Hero Qualifiers for the spring season was held at Mineski Infinity Katipunan. The event was saw 34 participants vying for the coveted spot at the Tavern hero tournament. Being so close to the new expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, the tournament saw a lot of new decks and line ups. The members of the local Hearthstone Global Game team took advantage of the tournament to practice their line-ups, they also took time to plan and talk about their strategy for the HGG at the venue. Two Hearthstone casters and streamers also joined the fireside gathering. Pathra and Jia spent time with Team PH as well as the community. Pathra will be also be joining HGG as a representative of Team New Zealand.

The tournament saw a lot of new faces. Most notable was Prince “Pr1nce” Competente. He tore through the brackets defeating local giants, Staz, Pathra, and Pompi. His stomp was only stopped by the eventual tournament winner, Magic: The Gathering pro player Paul Ernest “NAMECI” Lazaro.

Besides competing in the Spring Tavern Hero Tournament. NAMECI will also be hosting the next fireside Gathering/Tavern Hero Qualifier at his hobby shop Spiral Internet Cafe And Gaming Shop. You may check the event page for more information.

Besides the competitive aspect of the Tavern Hero Qualifiers, the fireside gathering also played host to a tag team tournament. Players who lost in the earlier rounds was paired up into teams where they were able to choose what account to play and who will pilot the games.

The top 4 players of both tournaments were awarded with merchandise from Blizzard SEA.

Interview with the PH HGG Team

Mineski.net's very own Hymnrael got to sit with our PH reps for the upcoming Hearthstone Global Games about their preparation and a bit about themselves.

Hymnrael: Who is your team captain?

Chalk,Staz,Cara points to WaningMoon Laughter

H: So Why WaningMoon?

Ch: He likes responsibility.

Staz: WaningMoon is really a responsible person.

WaningMoon: They just don’t want responsibility.


W: Well me, too.

H: Does he look responsible?

W: Cara is the most responsible one.

S: Dustin comes in second.

Ca: Well he has more free time.

H: What are the responsibility of the Captain for the team?

W: The captain communicates with the tournament admins. Submission of the deck lists, the line-ups, the order. That’s it.

H: Could you explain the format of the HGG?

Ch: Staz can do that. Staz can easily do that!

S: I haven’t read the rules.

Ca: Is it the format or the groupings.

H: She’s definitely the responsible one.

Laughter H: Let’s start with the format.

C: There are four players per team and for each member they will choose 2 classes, then there is another class that will be reserved for the ace player. The team has to submit the classes of each player and the order they will play.

H: The player can choose which of the two classes they brought to play?

C: Yes.

H: How about your schedule?

C: Our first match will be on Tuesday April 11 at 4 PM our time.

*Author’s note: Blizzard has only released the schedule for the first week of the HGG.

H: Being in the HGG team requires a lot of time. Do you guys still have other responsibilities or have day jobs? What do you guys keep busy with besides Hearthstone?

Ca: I’m a test engineer in an IT company in BGC.

H: Do the people from work know that you are competing? Are they supportive?

Ca: Just recently. There’s relatively only a few people in our company, so we all know each other.

H: Let me ask another Engineer. Staz. What does the 2016 WESG champion spend his time with? Do you play Hearthstone full time?

S: Diablo.

Ch: That guy spends more time in Diablo!


S: I was really busy with Hearthstone last year, so I’ve been playing the games I missed back then. I’ve been wanting to play Diablo III for a long time, but it also coincided with my board exams so I wasn’t able to play it.

H: But you still spend a lot of time playing Hearthstone?

S: Yes. I’m already almost legendary just four days out of the new ladder.

H: How about you Dustin?

W: I play Hearthstone full time.

H: And you Chalk. Besides Hearthstone and Dota what do you do?

Ch: I don’t play Dota anymore!

H: So no more T.I. Chalk?

Ch: Yeah. I’ve given up on that dream. I’m usually just painting.

H: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Ch: When I stopped playing Hearthstone, a lot of projects came up. I have something in Jakarta this August.

H: How can people follow you if they want check out your painting?

Ch: Wag na lang. (Let’s not bother with that.)


Ch: People can follow me at Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/chalkzaldivar/

H: You’ve seen your bracket? What team are you cautious or excited to play with?

W: We’re playing Czech Republic first.

H: Who’s in there?

Ch: StanCifka. There are a lot of great players there.

Ca: pokrovac is another popular name. He didn’t lose in the Swiss rounds recently.

H: Did you do research on their tendencies?

W: It’s a new meta so it erases all of ‘em.

H: What can you guys say about the Philippines basically being the 6th seed.

W: It’s based on HCT points. We don’t have as much events unlike in Europe where they have lots of Majors.

S: There are more points for Majors.

W: It doesn’t really mean that the Philippines is bottom tier.

H: Do you guys think you have a good chance at your current group placement or would you guys rather be in a different group?

Ch: I’d rather be in a different group. I know there are some other groups where we might have better chances. But I think we are OK with our current group. The clincher is that only three teams advance. I think Czech Republic and Ukraine are the top two and we’ll have to duke it out with Germany.

H: Speaking of Germany. There has recently been controversy regarding their members. Have you followed what’s been happening.

S: I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t read much into it.

H: Do you know of the disqualification and the replacements?

W: Yes.

Ca: I think the German think got stronger with SuperJJ and ViperHS.

H: Are you happy with the changes?

Ca: It’ll be harder but it’s OK. At least I’ll get to play with good players.

Ch: I actually like it that we’re the team that is underestimated. It’ll be more tilting if we lose.


Ca: The other underdogs in our groups are Croatia and Belarus. They are also strong there.

H: Let’s go back to the format of the HGG. This is the first stage right?

Ca: 1st stage is 48 teams divided by 8 groups so each group has 6 teams. Top 3 teams move to the 2nd stage.

H: The three top teams you are already looking at are Germany, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. Who do you guys think you should be in order to qualify?

HGG team: Everyone!


Ch: 1st place at group stage!

H: Let’s talk about Un’Goro. Chalk when you burst into the scene, you were known for being a deck builder. Is there a list you’ve formulated or you are excited to play?

Ch: Taunt Warrior. I’ve been trying to make that archetype work since forever.


Ch: I think the quest is really powerful. I’m also excited for Hunter to come back. I just don’t know if it will be aggro or mid-range. I am excited for both. I also just want to say that the mage quest is over-rated.

H: Cara?

Ca: I also like the Hunter. It is one of my favorite classes. I also like the aggro version of Finja rogue.

H: Staz?

S: I don’t know yet, but I think discard zoo will be strong. It won’t be like before when its plays were usually to go all in. Now you have the option to play for value with the portal (Lakkari Sacrifice). You could play the value game and just opt for the control route.

H: I think both Staz and WaningMoon often just go for the best decks to play in the meta. Right?

W: Yes.

H: With the cards released, what archetypes do you think will be on the top of the meta?

W: Quest decks. Mage Hunter, Druid, Warlock… Warrior. The weakest quests for me are Priest, Paladin and Rogue. I think they are hard to complete.

H: You agree that Paladin and Rogue have the weakest quests?

S: Yeah

Ch: I thought the mage quest would be really powerful, but when I thought about it. I saw that it was hard to pull off and in order to survive before he quest completes you will have to rely on random spells.

H: Talking about Hearthstone in general. You’ll often see the “free to play pride” in our forums. How much have you guys spent on Hearthstone?

S: I’ve pre-ordered the mean streets of Gadgetzan, but that was sponsored. Besides that, I bought Khadgar. The one for charity.

H: For WWF.

Staz and Cara: WWE!

H: No. That’s Pro-Wrestling. WWE actually changed their name from WWF to WWE because of the World Wildlife Fund.

Argument starts and they check their mobile phones afterwards

H: So you’re still basically free-to-play?

S: Yes. The first three months of me playing was spent in arena.

Ch: For the longest time. I didn’t spend anything until TGT then I pre-purchased again when I came back from my recent hiatus.

Ca: My reasons for buying are quite shallow. I like the card backs of TGT and WotG so I bought them. Those are the only ones I’ve bought.

S: Does this count? I bought StarCraft Legacy of the Void for the card back!

H: Was it worth it?

S: Definitely! It’s the card back I use.

*Author’s note: Staz has the Golden Celebration card back which is probably the rarest card back. Yet he still chooses to use the Legacy of the Void Card back

S: It’s really worth it because I’m now the best Protoss player in the Philippines.

H: Dustin, do you agree that Staz is the best Protoss PH?

W: uughhhh… He’s the only one who plays. Of course he’s the best.


H: You guys are basically free-to-play. What do you guys think of the situation today. Do you still think it’s possible to play F2P? Is it harder for new players these days?

Ch: When I started to play. I just played arena. Played it for around four months. I think that’s good way to go because you learn the basics there like when to trade and all that. If you really want to play ladder, then just buy.

H: You played in the Beta, Dustin. How did you start playing?

W: I played a lot of Arena and also played the ladder.

Ch: So Arena and then zoo?


W: Yeah. I played arena to get the pieces that I needed.

H: How about you Cara?

Ca: I didn’t play Arena much. I don’t know how my collection grew, maybe just from the daily rewards.

H: How about the time that you spend on Hearthstone?

Ch: Now I don’t spend much on Hearthstone, but when the new expansion comes I’ll probably be playing it for 14 hours daily.


Ch: I’m really like that when I get into something.

Ca: I spend about 4-5 hours basically ‘till I get sleepy. It’s the weekends when I play for long hours.

W: I spend more than 10 hours.

Ch: referring to Staz This guy plays for around 20 hours.

H: No. Not with Diablo.


S: I play around 8-15 hours usually the long hours when preparing for a tournament.

H: Shout outs?

Ch: Please watch the HGG at the official Hearthstone Twitch channel and like my page on Facebook

Also join the HSPH Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/P5gCNXn

W: I don’t have a fan page.

Ch: whispers It’s about time!

S: Hearthstone PH Alliance will soon have a fan page so watch out for that.

Ca: Follow me on twitter at @cara_cute

Day 1 Hearthstone Global Games

Day 1 of the Hearthstone Global Games concluded on Tuesday and it saw Team PH go against Team Czech Republic as the first series of the tournament. The first game of the series was between Chalk’s Taunt Warrior which went against a pokrovak’s Quest Rogue. A timely Dirty Rat from Chalk saw Team PH take first blood. Then Staz, faced against the prospect of facing a Mage or a Hunter opted to play his dragon priest instead of his Warlock. The end of the second game saw Staz getting smorced by CzechCloud’s Hunter. Round three was a tense one. WaningMoon with a Sherazin Miracle Rogue went up against StanCifka who used the Bloodbloom-Doom combo that he used to win the recently concluded Throne of Cards tournament. The match went back and forth, but in the end StanCifka eked out a win after surviving with only one life left. He also did this while avoiding being defeated by a Sacrificial Pact which WaningMoon was able to get early on in the round.

Being down 2-1, CaraCute came in to keep the dream alive she defeated JáraVyskočil’s Taunt Warrior with her Elemental Shaman. The match went down to a battle of aces. WaningMoon with PH Alliance team mate’s Pompi Mage went up against pokrovac’s Elemental Shaman. WaningMoon started with a good hand, but his early aggression was iced by a Glacial Elemental and then it went down the pits after a Tar Creeper was dropped down on turn three. WaningMoon and team PH went to the burn your face plan because it seemed like the best route they could take. It seemed like the plan would work but after a big burst of damage spells was used to go face, a Kalimos heal for 12 simply negated what damage was done. After that it was simply clean-up for Team Czech Republic as they win the ace match with that the first series of HGG.

But that is not the end of Team PH. They still have the chance to redeem themselves as they will still have 4 more matches to go.

Make sure to always check out Mineski.net as we give you updates on Team PH’s next match, the upcoming Hearthstone MESA tournament on Black Saturday and the Tavern Hero Qualifier at Spiral Internet Cafe And Gaming Shop on Easter Sunday.