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TNC.CSGO Disqualified from GOTV.GG Invitational #1

GOTV allegedly accused TNC Pro Team - CSGO of using cheats

Maouie Reyes

TNC Pro Team - CS:GO has received a disqualification from the GOTV.GG Invitational #1, an online Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, after Global Offensive Television, the organizers of the tournament, allegedly found evidence of them cheating.

A screenshot from the GOTV professional platform CS:GO Discord channel

In a post made by TNC Pro Team - CSGO's Facebook page, the Philippine-based organization publicised that they were 'ruled out' of the GOTV.GG Invitational #1 for cheating. The cheating accusations were based on TNC Pro Team - CSGO's best-of-three match against Vietnam's 24BHB.

"The organization accused us of cheating but TNC CSGO Pro Team will not tolerate such act since all our players have gone through rigorous training plus the fact that we are carrying the name of a reputable team/company in the gaming industry," the post stated.

"The decision was super unfair," Ryan "BabyBoy" Crisostomo, the manager of TNC Pro Team - CS:GO, said in a mix of Filipino and English. "Yesterday, I privately messaged a guy named Zep, the one who invited our team to join the tournament, in Discord and asked him what time is our match tomorrow and against who, but he replied that our team is already banned because of cheating," BabyBoy narrated.

"We asked for an anti-cheat client, but Zep said that there is none. Given the situation, we insisted to withdraw his decision but Zep said that his decisions are final," BabyBoy added. "I feel sad and disappointed on the recent event. We are practicing hard since we have two new players and got invited to gotv.gg international."

BabyBoy also shared how they tried to talk to other GOTV.GG representatives but Zep told him that he's the only one TNC Pro Team - CSGO can talk to.

TNC Pro Team - CSGO's Facebook post included demos which were apparently provided by the GOTV.GG's Zep as an evidence of the team's cheating. They also provided HLTV.org's full coverage of the match.

This was one of the demos provided by GOTV.GG's Zep wherein TNC.CSGO allegedly cheated. You can find the rest of the plays which were included in TNC Pro Team - CSGO's Facebook post here: TNC.CSGO.Witzz: Round 26 (HE Grenade), TNC.CSGO.borkum: Round 17, TNC.CSGO.Witzz: Round 9

We at Mineski.net are still waiting on responses from the GOTV.GG management and the certain Zep and will publish updates to this story as they come.