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Gabbi goes to Clutch Gamers

Who will leave CG, and who will join Execration?

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Clutch Gamers announced at 8am this morning that Khim 'Gabbi' Villafuerte will be joining their roster.

Gabbi was previously Execration's carry, and was part of the Execration power roster formed in 2016, when Execration also acquired DJ. Internationally recognized as an exemplary Puck player, as well as being one of the local child prodigies of Dota, Gabbi will prove to be a great asset for Clutch Gamers.

What remains to be seen is whom will Gabbi replace on Clutch Gamers, given that Gabbi is known to be capable in multiple roles. Additionally, this leaves a palpable hole in Execration's roster which has been struggling since they replaced Abed, or even before that with the short-lived 343 experiement.

This, on top of Mineski-Dota's radical rebranding, shows that the PH scene is yet again going through a period of volatility, likely in the wake of TNC Pro Team's continued dominance.

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