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G2 Esports is this year's DreamHack Masters Malmö Champions

They defeat North in a 2-0 streak in the Grand Finals

Jiro Pineda

Inferno was the first map of the series. G2 Esports started out strong during the start of their Grand Finals match against North, getting their hands dirty and gaining a 7-1 lead against the Danes. Kristian k0nfig Wienecke went straight to work as his team gets stuck in an awkward situation, getting a 4k and a 1v2 clutch, but it wasn't enough as the French Superteam secured the first half 11-4, leading by seven points.

North caught up to the Frenchmen during the second half after nearly losing their force buy in the early part of the second half with 11-14 on the board. Star awper Kenny kennyS Schrub pushed the French team to match point but Philip aizy Aistrup responded with a 3k, keeping the spirit alive for the Danes. G2 secured the next round and pushed up their chances of securing a title in their belts.

On Cobblestone, things started to look different as North started off strong with a 3-0 lead. As soon as the gun round started, G2 took three rounds of their own as well, tying up the series. The Danes snapped back with three rounds of their own, pushing the score up to 6-3 in their favor. The first half passed and G2 were able to keep the scoreline tight as the second half started with 7-8.

On the CT side, G2 secured the pistol round and were able to get a 3-0 lead because of that. Dan apEX Madesclaire shut down any chance for North to win the gun round with a 1v2 clutch. At the end of the day, G2 dominated North to the point where the Danes didn't have any money to work with at all which led to them being this year's Masters.