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G2 Esports, FaZe Clan to ELEAGUE Premier Playoffs

Na`Vi didn't stand a chance

Jiro Pineda

The first week has concluded for the ELEAGUE Premier Group Stages and the first two teams going to the Playoffs have been determined. G2 Esports and FaZe Clan fought hard in the group stages and showed why they deserve to be there.

Natus Vincere was in for one hell of a rid as they faced off against FaZe Clan. Inferno was the deciding map and Håvard rain Nygaard stopped any hope for Na`Vi to secure the pistol round after getting an ace. FaZe capitalized on the advantage that they had and pushed up the score to 4-0. Natus Vincere tried what they can to stop the FaZe offensive, but it wasn't enough as FaZe pushed up their scoreline to 7-0. The CIS squad came back after getting pummeled and closed out the first half with 9-6 on the board, giving them enough breathing room for the second half.

Unbeknownst to the CIS squad, they were not ready for FaZe's second half. Ladislav GuardiaN Kovács turned a 2v5 around by getting a 4k and secured an advantage in the second half. They punished Natus Vincere's early buy in the next round and allowed FaZe to push up their lead further to 13-6 which eventually led to them securing a slot in the playoffs with 16-6 on the board.

G2 Esports defeated Natus Vincere on two maps to book their slots to the Playoffs. The game started on Cobblestone where Aleksandr s1mple Kostlyliev immediately went to work and opened up with an ace in the pistol round. This led to Na`Vi securing the first five rounds and put G2 Esports on the edge of their seats. G2 answered back with beautiful executions which led to them catching up to the CIS team and ended the first half with 9-6 in their favor.

Na`Vi pulled of an all out offensive, getting five straight rounds and forced G2 to take a breather. The Frenchmen then came back with five rounds of their own and pushed up the scoreline to 14-12. Eventually the French Super Team closed out the first game with 16-12.

Inferno was the second map of the series and once again, s1mple opened up for his team and got the first three kills. This, once again, led to Na`Vi carrying their momentum over well into the first gun rounds. G2 started answering back after eleven rounds after kennyS came out strong with a quad kill. Nathan NBK- Schmitt came out with a quad kill of his own and gave his team a chance to come back. The first half ended in favor of the CIS squad with 12-3.

As soon as G2 switched over to the T-side, the french men put the pedal to the metal and never let up. Their T-side was nearly perfect, punishing the smallest misplays from Natus Vincere. They slowly caught up to Na`Vi's lead and eventually closed out the second map with 16-14 and secured their slot in the playoffs.