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Fnatic-Dota to Represent SEA at DreamLeague Season 8

The Abed Show continues to amaze

Maouie Reyes

Fnatic-Dota secured their second straight Major tournament appearance after outlasting TNC Pro Team, 2-1, at the DreamLeague Season 8 SEA Qualifiers grand finals.

On their way to winning their first Major tournament qualifier, Fnatic had to serve vengeful reverse sweeps to two of SEA’s hottest teams this season, Mineski-Dota and TNC Pro Team. Fnatic’s collective team effort was the key on having a shot at the 1500 Dota Pro Circuit secured, but while doing so, their midlaner undeniably stood out.

The Abed Show

When the 7.07 patch came in with the change in the middle lane, particularly the removal of an extra melee creep in the mid lane for the first 15 minutes, the initial analysis was that the midlane got nerfed and should be given less priority.

The early phases of the 7.07 meta saw the rise of late-game oriented carries, such as Anti-Mage, Spectre, and Medusa, signifying how the meta has transitioned its early game importance back to the safe lane.

However, because of how Abed’s midlane prowess helped dictate the outcome of Fnatic Dota’s matches, the DreamLeague Season 8 SEA Qualifiers was wickedly haunted by the ghost of the 7.06 meta.

Starting from Fnatic’s series against Mineski in the winner’s finals to their come-from-behind victory against TNC Pro Team in the final game of the grand finals, Abed did nothing but exhibit what the world’s first 10K MMR Dota 2 player is capable of doing.

Abed’s first act included stealing. This happened after Mineski’s failed attempt to push Fnatic’s high ground, without Ravage on iceiceice’s Tidehunter, forced them to take Roshan instead. With EternaLEnVy’s Lifestealer dead, Mineski felt confident about taking the Aegis of the Immortal, Cheese, and the Refresher Shard for themselves.

Roshan was down at the last fraction of its HP when DJ’s Tusk was finally able to provide vision for Fnatic with its Ice Shards. Casting Arctic Blast for a clearer view, Abed, on his Black King Bar-empowered Queen of Pain, jumped into the pit to kill Mushi’s Vengeful Spirit and Roshan with Scream of Pain. While that happened, DJ’s Tusk was able to stun Moon’s Mirana with its Snowball, allowing Abed to grab the Aegis, the Cheese, and the Refresher Shard. After casting Sonic Wave twice, Fnatic walked out of the pit not just with the stolen Roshan loots but also with Mineski’s chance of coming back from the game.

Abed’s second act also included stealing but this time, against TNC Pro Team, never involved Roshan. After being down by as much as 9.3k gold, Abed, on Storm Spirit, picked up Scythe of Vyse to help Fnatic cut down the deficit by shutting Kuku’s Juggernaut down.

12 minutes after Abed got his Hex, Fnatic was able to kill Juggernaut thrice including a costly dieback in a jaw-dropping play. With 24 Bloodstone charges, the Arcane Rune Abed just picked up before jumping in with a 4-man Aghanim’s Scepter-upgraded Electric Vortex may not be that big of a deal. However, if not for the Arcane Rune, it may be safe to theorize that Abed wouldn’t have made that jump.

Similar to Mineski’s case, Fnatic, with Abed’s remarkable efforts, was able to snatch TNC’s hope of having an earlier appearance at a Major Dota tournament. Their 2-1 victories against today’s best SEA teams indicated the increasing level of competition in the region.

The DreamLeague Season 8 Major tournament will be held at Jönköping, Sweden on December 1 to 3, 2017.

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