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Fnatic Reverse Sweeps Mineski, Wins Summit 8 LAN Spot

Abed helps reshape the SEA competitive scene

Maouie Reyes

Fnatic-Dota won their first qualifier of the Pro Dota Circuit as they withstood Mineski-Dota’s dominance, 3-2, in the best-of-five grand finals of DOTA Summit 8 Minor tournament, three days after announcing the addition of Abed to their lineup.

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Hope Remains

Among the Southeast Asian teams born during the post-The International 2017 roster shuffle, Fnatic-Dota arguably produced the most underwhelming results. The hype produced by EternaLEnVy’s move from North America to SEA never lived up its expectations due to their team’s consistent bottom finishes.

Fnatic-Dota was able to attend to two LAN events this season only through being a substitute for the original qualifying teams. In those two LANs, AMD Dota PIT League minor and ESL One Hamburg 2017 major, the EternaLEnVy-led squad ended their run without even winning a single series.

Whatever Fnatic-Dota was trying during the first qualifiers and tournaments of the season obviously never worked out. That’s why when they brought in Abed as their new midlaner and 343 as their new head coach, improvements were ultimately expected.

In a span of three days, Fnatic-Dota was able to reshape the competitive scene in SEA by posing as a serious threat to Mineski-Dota’s reign as the Kings of SEA. Abed’s presence in the middle lane for Fnatic-Dota stopped Mineski-Dota from taking their sixth out of seven qualifier slot, disproving TNC Pro Team Kuku’s tweet that there are no longer hopes for other SEA teams.

The Abed Effect

Fnatic-Dota may have already defeated Mineski-Dota at some point during this season but reverse sweeping them in the grand finals of a tournament qualifier would never be possible without Abed. However, just to be clear, this never meant that Abed single-handedly carried Fnatic-Dota to victory.

Abed was able to provide Fnatic-Dota a huge chunk of hero pool which was enough to find a weakness in Mineski-Dota’s draft. Instead of focusing on shutting down iceiceice, like how other SEA teams normally do when they’re up against Mineski-Dota, Fnatic-Dota focused on shutting Moon down.

EternaLEnVy, Fnatic-Dota’s captain and drafter, never capitalized on Moon’s limited hero pool until they defeated his Mirana on the third game. With Mirana being checked, Mineski-Dota was forced to draft an unsure Storm Spirit for their mid. This was after Fnatic-Dota stole their Tinker, a hero who apparently sits at a 100% win rate for Mineski-Dota during the qualifier.

Fnatic-Dota continued to press where it hurts for Mineski-Dota in the final game. Moon’s Puck, Mirana, and Storm Spirit got banned while EternaLEnVy continued stealing Tinker for Abed. At this point, Mineski-Dota already knew how Fnatic-Dota figured their weakness in drafting, so they tried compensating it by making Mushi play Medusa in the middle lane while Moon settled with a safelane Vengeful Spirit.

This didn’t go well for the acting Kings of SEA. Fnatic-Dota won all their lanes, leaving Mineski-Dota’s late game-centric draft in a huge early game deficit. Despite Mushi’s effort to make his Medusa significant, it were all in vain as Abed’s Tinker and EternaLEnVy’s Lifestealer sealed the reverse sweep for Fnatic-Dota.

The DOTA Summit 8 is Fnatic-Dota’s first tournament with Abed. While the advantage of having the world’s first 10K MMR play for Fnatic-Dota has been established in SEA, their potential has yet to be tested against international teams.