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Fnatic back on the EU LCS Throne

2016 EU LCS Summer W4 Recap

Carmelo Joseph III Favie

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We're almost at the halfway point of the split and it keeps getting exciting. This week's feature match was between Origen and Fnatic, they are quite far from each other on the EU LCS ladder, but it's fun to watch how a rivalry has grown. Other great matches this week are the two G2 Esports matches against FC Schalke S04 and Team Vitality. Schalke have been winning some unexpected matchups and Vitality have seen a steady rise in performance and it will be good to see how they match-up against one of the best teams in the EU LCS at present.

The Kings of Europe Are Back On Their Throne!

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Fnatic are back in top form and they proved it this week by winning a crucial series against Team ROCCAT. During week 3, FNC already overtook the 2nd placers H2k-Gaming in the ladder and they set their sights on G2's spot. In their first games of the week, both G2 and FNC scored a 1-1 draw against their respective opponents keeping the score even. But later in the week, Vitality won a game against G2 putting them in a tight spot as FNC are looking to capitalize on this, and capitalize they did. They won their series 2-0 against ROC which put them above G2 in the standings in terms of points. Now FNC are back in the top as the team to be contested as they were many splits before.

ROCCAT Falls to the Bottom

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Again, the importance of the FNC vs. ROC fight was shown at the end of the week as not only did it lead to FNC's 1st place position, it also led to ROC's 10th place position drop. From week 1 to week 2, ROC obviously improved when compared to their performance during last Spring, especially with their acquisition of Steeelback. Unfortunately, they are suffering from a severe losing streak which is now a 6-game drought. And from being in 4th place during week 2, they dropped 3 places during week 3 and now again 3 places during week 4. Although you can say their performace is "bad", the truth is that other teams are just better. Steeelback has been playing quite well actually and so does Betsy but in the end they get trumped by bigger players like Ryu and Zven.