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Filipino 3D Artist Makes Beautiful Overwatch-Inspired Maps

I thought Blizzard made them.

Julius Tabios

Banner Image and Video Credit: Joshua Llorente YouTube

Overwatch's quirky and unique art style in its futuristic world is a large part of its appeal to the general audience. It wide array of colors complements its likeable cast of characters.

It's map design also tries to pushes its emphasis on variaty. Ilios captures the picturesque seaside Mediterranean town with vibrant visuals with heavy emphasis on white and blue. While on the other side of the spectrum, Overwatch also does grittier maps like Volskaya Industries and King's Row with a focus on darker tones. It's depiction of downtown London and the underground area where the omnics live is effective in its own right.

On top of Overwatch's brilliant use of colours, they also have a knack for putting in easter eggs that reward those with a discerning eye. Junkertown, Overwacth's newest Escort Map, captures the post-apocalyptic lives of people living in the remnants of an old omnium. It captures the little things in Australian culture like 'Take-Away' instead of 'Take-Out'. It also gives clues to Overwatch's next probable character in The Queen, the leader of the Junkers.

Imitation is indeed the best form of flattery .Filipino 3D Artist and Environment Artist Joshua Llorente released a couple of his own maps inspired by Overwatch. He actually started way back in late 2016 with a Nepalese town.

While an official map is already titled Nepal it focuses on the secluded monastery home of Zenyatta and Genji. Llorente tackled the likely towns that would be located at the foot of the mountainous regions. The snow-tipped houses provide a slight rural feel that's just right in Overwatch's futuristic setting.

Next up he did a map called Luxor. It again draws inspiration from an existing Overwatch map, Oasis. Luxor is however much smaller in scale but does provide some unique takes to still make it first perfectly in the Blizzard created world.

Llorente takes on Brazil in his third map. Titled Favela which is Portugese for slums takes inspiration from El Dorado. It's houses contain colourful graffiti and you can see antique scooters on the sideline. Far off into the distance you see skyscrapers similar to the Vishkar Lab in Overwatch's Dorado. The stark contrast between modern and simple fits the Favela title.

His most recent map Cairo takes elements from Overwatch's Temple of Anubis. Instead of being just based off a Pyramid in the middle of a desert, he imagined what a futuristic Egyptian town would look like complete with hovering cars and pillars that could have been from Aladdin.

He also took screenshots of the other maps he made: futuristic Vishkar Lab and Overwatch Shangi-La. Unfortunately no video was available of said maps.

Llorente used Unreal Engine 4, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, and Photoshop to make these maps. The maps are so great that you would easily think Blizzard themselves made them.

In Article Images from Llorente's ArtStation