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FaZe Clan 3-0'd Team Liquid, Wins ESL One: New York 2017

Jiro Pineda

FaZe Clan's new and improved roster finally made headlines after securing their first victory in ESL One: New York, defeating Team Liquid 3-0.

Inferno was the first map in the series and FaZe was in a great start. Finn karrigan Andersan and Nikola NiKo Kova─Ź turned a 2v3 around and secured the pistol round. They punished Team Liquid's force buy and dominated the entire first half, securing a perfect 15-0 lead and ultimately closed out the first match with 16-3 on the board.

On Overpass, Team Liquid started out strong on the first couple of rounds with Jonathan EliGE Jablonowski opening things up, getting a 3k in the process. TL capitalized on that and got the next two rounds before NiKo opens up an opportunity for his team to catch up with a 4k to his name. FaZe Clan kep the pressure going until they got the lead 4-3 before Team Liquid got another round to their name. FaZe just kept going and going ountil ultimately securing a comfortable 11-4 lead in the first half.

The North American squad caught up to the European super team's lead in the second half, closing the gap with 15-10. FaZe was on match point and a risky buy ultimately secured their second game in the match 16-10.

The third map of the series was Mirage, and Team Liquid is not expecting an all out offensive push by FaZe. The European squad secured a 3-0 lead over the NA squad before Liquid got two rounds thanks to Russel Twistzzz Van Dulken, catching up to FaZe Clan's lead 3-2. Twistzzz and EliGE were instrumental to Liquid at this point, letting them secure two more rounds in the first half before FaZe secured their lead with 11-4 at the end of it.

FaZe Clan won the pistol round and were in the home stretch, punishing every misplay that Liquid made to ultimately secure the match and championship with 16-4 on the board.