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Fabulous Matches in Fabulous Las Vegas

DreamHack Masters Las Vegas Day 1 Recap

Jiro Pineda

Day one of the group stages for DreamHack Masters Las Vegas just ended, and it was nothing short of amazing. All the teams were giving it their all to get a seed into playoffs, and here's how it all went down.


Astralis vs compLexity

Astralis starts off the tournament with a bang in Las Vegas, completely destroying compLexity in the process. The pistol round went immediately to Astralis after android-x23 was unable to defuse the bomb. CompLexity then answered back in the second round and forced a tie. Astralis kept their demeanor and pushed their lead to 4-1, keeping the home team at bay. Dupreeh went ham in a 2v5 situation getting a 4k and severely demoralizing the Americans and played a factor in securing their lead in the first half, ending it with a 13:2 score board.

Complexity starts off the second half strong, getting the initial pistol round and the next two rounds after that. But as soon as the gun round came in, Astralis went ahead and finished the game, ending the opening match-up with 16:5 on the board.

OpTic Gaming vs North

This was the first time in a long time that Inferno got to be played in the competitive scene after the rework, and it still has the high stakes plays the old version had.

OpTic took the pistol round after HiKo took matters into his own hand in a 1v1 situation against k0nfig with just 9 HP. North answered back on the next round, but OpTic decided to assert their dominance and secured a 7:1 lead against the Danish team. North stayed strong and kept on fighting despite the relentless assaults from OpTic and ended the first half with 11:4 on the board.

The second half came in and North dominated the pistol round but lost the next round when OpTic took advantage of the Danes' poistioning. The map inched closer and closer to match point as a result. With 14:5 in favor of OpTic, North needed to find the answer. As soon as the first buy round of the half came in, they just went for it and closed out the lead to 15:11 before NAF was able to read North's Tec-9 rush and finished their match-up with 16:11 as the final scoreline.


Virtus.pro vs Misfits

Misfits took on the pistol round and got into an early 3:0 lead before Virtus.pro closed out the gap at 3:3. Misfit took the lead once again after an A split push on the 7th round but VP was able to stop the train, catching the North Americans off-guard. The rounds kept going left and right as the first half ended with a 8:7 scoreline with VP in the front.

As the second half starts, Misfits once again took the stage, taking the pistol round in a 4v2 situation. VP went for a force buy but it immediately bit them back with Misfits securing their dominance in the next round with Twistzz getting the initial frags with the CZ75. The Polish team needed to act quick as Misfits took the lead round after round. They answered with a no-bs playstyle, quickly giving them the edge and ultimately the win, ending the game with 16:12 in their favor.

Gambit Gaming vs Fnatic

This is probably one of the most anticipated match-ups for the day, with the premiere of the new fnatic lineup. They played on Inferno which is historically one of fnatic's best map with this lineup. Gambit took everyone off-guard as they immediately rolled through the map with a 7:1 lead despite losing the pistol round to Fnatic. The Swedes were able to mount a comeback, as they trimmed down the lead round after round with a 9:6 scoreline.

The second half started and no one had the clear lead. The rounds kept going back and forth. Gambit decided to flip the switch and completely dominated Fnatic and stole round after round from them, securing their first game against them with 16:8 on the board.


SK Gaming vs TyLoo

The Brazilian powerhouse completely annihilated the Chinese in their match-up. Fer was able to open up the pistol round strong, letting him and the rest of SK get the first round. They were taken aback as TyLoo went into a force buy and stole the round after. Things were starting to look even as the SK took the next round after that, but FalleN is not having of it, helping the Brazilian squad cement a 5 round lead over TyLoo but **DD* was able to clutch a round in a 1v1 situation against FalleN and was able to get back on track, albeit a bit late with 6:2 on the board. They were able to secure two more rounds but SK Gaming's defence was just too strong. They ended the first half with a 11:4 on the board.

As the second half came in, SK just decided to end everything and swept TyLoo under the rug and ended the game with 16:5 on the board.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Cloud9

NiP got the opening round with the help from friberg and pyth and quickly cemented a 5-0 lead. C9 answered back with three round of their own, dwindling down confidence that NiP had in the get-go. The following rounds went left and right as both teams just didn't want to let up, but NiP was able to take the lead with 9:6 on the board.

The North American team took the second half by storm with a 3k coming from Stewie2k. NiP was able to mount a comeback with 13:14 on the board, but C9 proved that they were the better team, ending the game with 16:14 on the board.


FaZe Clan vs Renegades

Both teams just didn't let up as the match-up started. RNG took the initial pistol round but was unable to capitalize on the advantage as FaZe took the next round. Neither of the teams were unable to secure a decisive lead until FaZe took the stage and took a 6:3 lead over the Aussies. Renegades managed to get one last round in before FaZe closed out the first half with 11:4 on the board.

Jks and the rest of Renegade needed a miracle for a comeback, and that miracle came after atter's 1v1 clutch in the opening round of the half. The Aussies were able to secure four rounds, trimming down FaZe's lead down to 11:8. The offensive kept coming from RNG, putting the game's score to 13:12 in favor of FaZe. The boys from down under were almost in the home stretch, winning two rounds in a row, but karrigan and the rest of the team decided to end it all and finished the game with 16:14 in their favor.

Mousesports vs Natus Vincere

Mouz was able to secure the pistol round after Oskar went ham with a 4K, setting them up for the next round as they took that one as well. S1mple answered back with an ace in the next round after getting a 3k with a p250 and picked up an M4A1-S and cleaned the rest of Mouz up. NiKo answered back with an ace of his own in a 1v5 clutch against the CIS team, eventually tying up the game 3:3. Na'Vi took things into their own hands by taking the next five rounds but was stopped by, you guessed it, NiKo once again after correctly reading the fake by Na'Vi.

Both teams just didn't want to let up as the scoreline reached 12:12. NiKo just went ham and secured the lead for Mouz and aiding the team with 4 straight rounds, ending the game with 16:12 on the board.

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