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Mineski-LoL's Exosen Talks About Their Run In GPL 2017 and More

It's just a bump in the road for Exosen and his team.

Julius Tabios

Mineski-LoL is looking good despite losing against Thai squad Ascencion Gaming in the Semifinals of the recently concluded Garena Premier League 2017. This is one of the best Filipino squads assembled as of late and the future is looking bright for the local League season moving forward as they try to get over the hump of the international scene.

Mineski.net got to chat with the team's star mid laner Eric Exosen Gubatan about their recent run in the GPL.

Coming into the GPL, your coach 3Finger said in an interview that the PH scene is way behind in the international scene. What do you think about that?

Well in fact our coach said was true, we are way far behind in international scene but thru scrims and practicing in other regions I think eventually we can manage to handle the pressure and atleast give a fight with other international teams

You managed to win against the Kuala Lumpur Hunters, supposedly one of the best teams in the SEA region, during the Group Stages? Were you expecting that result?

No. because our team was supposed to be underdog, no one expected us to win but we told ourselves that we can beat anyone in this tournament. And we played pretty well and ended up beating KLH.

What was your favorite moment in the whole tournament?

When I a got quadrakill vs Team Rigel. That was epic.

You found the most success with Hamezz during the tournament. Will we expect to see more of him over Nickstah for Mineski in the future?

Hamez was impressive in the tournament and he will be our new main jungle. Nickstah will move down to the sub role for now.

Since 3Finger was acquired for the GPL, will he be leaving Mineski now?

Our coach said that he will stay with us because we want revenge. Haha!

Your team is known for being quite proficient in reverse sweeps, so fans expected the reverse sweep against Ascension after going down 2-0. The decision to let Kaigu use Poppy, letting Camille through, teams lack of CC. Can you walk us through what happened from your point of view?

Actually when we came in game 5 we let Kaigu pick his champ, so he said Poppy since Camille cant kill Poppy easily, we just need to survive the laning phase and we have the upperhand of the game. Things were going okay but with just one big fight at the Baron pit they managed to the deciding game against us.

What do we expect from Mineski-LoL for the rest of 2017?

We’ll comeback more stronger!

Who was the best player in GPL in your opinion?

Levi and Optimus from GIGABYTE Marines

Why do you say that?

Levi because he's Levi and Opti because he's Opti. Haha!

You had a good series against G4, where do you rank yourself among the SEA mid players now?

Honestly I always lose at my lane its just that my team mates always gank me or help me to win my lane. Thanks to them. Haha!

You don't want to rank yourself?

Please no. Haha!

Ok last one then. Any shout outs? Fans? Message to keep supporting you?

Thank you to those who keep supporting me and Mineski! Keep on supporting guys

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