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Execration Take Out WG.Unity, Team NP Dismantle Fnatic

There are no more Malaysian teams left in ESL One Genting

Julius Tabios

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In Day 2 of the first Premier Dota tournament of the year and Execration fought for tournament life in ESL One Genting against fellow SEA team WG.Unity.

Keeping the Filipino Dream Alive

WG.Unity took control of the first game behind Nana who picked up an impressive 12 minutes Aghanim's Scepter on his Mirana. But the Filipino spirit would not falter as they found ways to get right back into the game behind very good initiations from Owa's Sand King and DJ's Tidehunter.

In Game 2, WG were not going to just rollover as Ah Jit had free reign of the gold mine as he racked up 7.4k net worth at the 13 minute mark while the rest of his team took control of early game. Ah Fu was also a key performer with his excellent rotations on the Earth Spirit from the opening horn. Interestingly they got Nando to play Puck over Gabbi. The move didn't pay off as they were simply outclassed by the well-oiled WG in the secodn game.

Despite losing Meepo god Abed to Team Onyx, Execration still picked a Meepo for themselves in the decider. Gabbi channeled his inner Abed as he took over the game alongside DJ's Batrider. The greedy Alchemist for Nana backfired for WG as they could barely weather the Meepo storm.

With WG.Unity losing against Execration, all the Malaysians have bowed out of ESL One Genting as Fnatic were eliminated by Team NP earlier.

Fnatic were dismantled 2-0 by EternaLEnVy's squad. The Fnatic roster have barely spent any time together before coming into and they looked very shaky in their debut. YamateH who has spent most of his career playing mid looked unsure in his new role as a support while Mushi continues to show that his past is behind him. The movement and playmaking of Team NP decisively looked more crisp as their time together, camaraderie, and skill was enough to move them further in ESL One Genting.

The irony as Day 3 of the first ESL One event in Malaysia will not feature any of their countrymen. Stay tune on Mineski.net for the latest in ESL One Genting news.