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Jack Ma, Alibaba to Bring Esports to the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia

A step towards esports in the Olympics?

Julius Tabios

Banner Credit: Indonesia.Travel

Esports continues its phenomenal rise to main stream attention as the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia and the 2022 edition in Hangzhou, China will feature virtual competition. This was made possible by the recent partnership of international giant Alibaba and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). The crucial thing is that they see esports as sustainable and not just a millennial fad, but here to stay with this long-term deal.

“OCA has always been committed to the inheritance, development, and improvement of Asian sports,” said OCA President Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah in a press release. “And we look forward to the forward-thinking concepts of sports by Alisports, who will be helping us with their strength and experience in esports.”

This isn't Alibaba's first venture into esports. They are known for the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) where Filipino squad TNC Pro Team took top honours earlier this year. They have also invested $150,000,000 in the budding industry and the company is not looking to slow down. Alibaba founder and Chinese magnate Jack Ma was known for revolutionizing e-commerce. With him taking serious steps towards the growth of esports we can comfortably hope for a brighter future for the industry

If the Esports division in the Asian Games does well it can pave the way for Dota 2 and other games in future Olympics. Fingers crossed, ladies and gents.

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