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ESL Genting Day One: Digital Chaos Finally Beat Wings Gaming

Newbee Takes The Other Group

Julius Tabios

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Newbee and Digital Chaos are your Group Stage winners after the first day of ESL One Genting in Malaysia. The last two teams who will round up the slots for the playoffs will be determined tomorrow.

Newbee dominated the first day and took Group A behind the crazy individual skill of Chinese Miracle Song sccc Chun. The Chinese squad finished the opening day with four wins and one lost as they secure their slot at the main event. Their only lost came against CIS team Virtus.pro as Roman RAMZES666 Kushnarev carried out of his mind but Newbee would still take the top spot against VP in the series that went the distance.

Sccc showed a love for the newly buffed Queen of Pain as he picked the hero three times in the opening salvo of matches. The hero who has recently been dubbed the Queen of Heal because of her insane Level 25 70% Spell Lifesteal Talent. If she gets a Blademail with an Octarine Core in the latest stage of the game, the value is just crazy.

In Group B, the Winner's match was a much closer affair as it went to Game 3 thanks to the heroics of the stars of both Digital Chaos and Wings Gaming. In what was arguably the most diverse draft of the day we saw a Pudge, Omniknight, Wraith King, and Beastmaster in the same game in the budding rivalry.

A rough start on w33's Ember Spirit didn't faze him in the decider. He picked up the Veil of Discord, an item quickly becoming popular because of Ember's 15% Spell Amp Talent at Level 10, at a decent time. w33 made sure that DC was going to make it to the playoffs of Genting as he was red hot as he impressed fans and pundits alike with his performance. Digital Chaos have finally dished out some much needed revenge against Wings after losing to them in both The International 6 and The Summit 6.

The lone Filipino team Execration also faltered with their reacquiring of Fernando Nando Mendoza as a replacement for superstar Abed Yusop. Execration was highly known for Meepo in their time with Abed and Digital Chaos took full advantage as they got the hero for themselves to explosive effect as they made quick work of the boys from the Philippines. Omar w33 Aliwi showed exactly the kind of player Execration was missing as they are fighting for tournament lives tomorrow.

WATCH:Highlights from Execration's Opening Match @ ESL One Genting 2017 Group Stage

Unfortunately the other SEA teams, Fnatic and WG.Unity are also in danger of being eliminated tomorrow after dropping their first sets earlier today. Will our SEA spirit prevail against adversity against the world's toughest or will they once again fade into lower echelons of competitive Dota.

Stay tune on Mineski.net as we continue our coverage of ESL One Genting tomorrow. Catch the official stream here.