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Entruv: The Indonesian Purge

Streamer and Analyst for Life

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Thanks to Eric Soejatno for submitting this article!

Most of you maybe would probably say InYourDream or Koala if I asked about which Indonesia DOTA 2 players you know. There is a person who move to United States back in 2016. His name is Alex “Entruv” Prawira and he went from 6k MMR to 7k MMR during his stay in the United States.

He also became a DOTA streamer and most of the content is his daily stream and tips to became a better player. He also does some coaching and casting on the side besides streaming.. In April 2017, he became the coach of Entity Gaming from India that marked the start of his coaching debut. Entruv takes some of his live stream time to provide coaching as he imparts tips and tricks he picks up for Dota2 for the benefit of all his viewers.

He also participated in The International 2017 as an analyst in the Supreme League, Indonesia game broadcast. Now, he is part of Recca Esports as an analyst for the DOTA team. We interviewed him to get to know him more as a person.

Questions from Eric Soejatno are in bold.

Eric Soejatno: When did you start playing Dota?

Entruv: I started playing DOTA around six or seven years ago. I played DOTA with my friends just for fun. I didn't know at that time that there were competitive matches in DOTA. But it changed me after I watched The International 3, I start to play DOTA 2 in January 2014. My reason to play is when I look at the crowd that attend TI, it’s really amazing.

And also you can make money while you play DOTA, it’s about one of the biggest dreams in my life. You can earn with your hobby and it’s the reason why I play competitively in DOTA2.

What convinced you to leave Indonesia and move to the US?

In my opinion to be the best in the world, you need to play in the best region right? Even if you are good playing in your own country or your region, it doesn’t mean that you are the best in the world. In Indonesia, the individual skills are good compared to others. But we lack at team play and communication.

In the US, there are many chances for you to meet many good player and you can learn from it. Besides, the chance to play in The International is higher for a US team so I move to Texas, US around January 2016.

What are your experiences competing in the US?

My biggest experience so far is when we lost to Complexity in the open qualifier in Kiev Major. If I can beat them, I can go to regional qualifier. Our loss to Complexity not just that they have more experience than we do, but also we just randomly met each other to make a team, so we rely on our individual skills while playing.

I also met many pro players in US and talk to them to improve my play. My move to the US is all worth it because my communication and team play skills increased significantly. While at the US, I got many invitations to join as a player or a coach from organizations in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Peru.

How were you invited to join Entity Esports?

Before I got approached, I do personal coaching on live stream. I do this mainly to share all the tips I learn with my viewers. One day, Entity Esports asked me to be their coach. I gladly accepted it and did a trial run with them for around two to three days. They were really happy and accepted me as coach and took care of all my needs, they handled everything I needed to be able to support the team.

While in there, I was astonished that the players were competitive and open minded. They communicate easily about how we can solve the problems between the team. The team at that time was mixed with Filipino and Indian players, but as I said before everything was fine and it was easy to work with them since all of the members can speak English.

My achievment while in India was when we were undefeated in the ESL India Premiership Summer Edition 2017 and we lost only 2 games when in the grand final.

What do you think about having more analysts and coaches in the SEA scene?

Getting analysts and coaches is important nowadays. As an analyst needs to diligently compile data based on their match and making strategies whether there are changes or not. Analysts also need to be constantly aware about the meta nowadays.

As for a coach, their task is complicated because they need to know each player's personality. They also have different needs and each of the players require a different approach. High MMR is used as basic knowledge to gauge the mindset of each player.

In Indonesia, it is quite rare to see a team that has an analyst or a coach. In my opinion, having a coach and an analyst is good, but having coach is more important. A coach needs to maintain the right mentality for the players especially when a tournament looms near. You can’t play in a tournament where with a mindset of trying not to lose. You have to play with the sole purpose of winning everything.

What is your biggest goal this year?

I hope I can reach 8K MMR after TI7. I also hope to start streaming again and get more focused as an analyst for Recca Esports

Are you rooting for anyone in TI?

I'm rooting for Virtus Pro, because they are a potential team to win after Kiev Major, and my brother also likes VP a lot.