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ELITE8: Indonesia's Hope for Vainglory

Can AnimeSaveMe save Indonesia's hope for a world championship?

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Written by Eric Soejatno

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The Vainglory 2017 World Championship is set to begin in 8 days. Twelve teams across the world are to compete in the Kallang Theater in Singapore. Among the top Vainglory teams in the world is Indonesia's Elite8

What does it mean to head into the grandest stage of Vainglory from Indonesia? Elite8's team captain Fernanda "AnimeSaveMe" Subekti shares his thoughts.

Questions from Eric Soejatno are in bold.

Eric Soejatno: When you’re not training for Vainglory do you guys hangout as friends? What do you do and when you do?

AnimeSaveMe: When I’m not training, I usually go to the cinema. Usually if we are lost in Vainglory8 on Saturday and Sunday, I just go somewhere or do homework. For those who don’t know, I'm at the 2nd year of senior high school.

How have your friends and family reacted to you being pro gamers? Are they supportive?

My family supported me in becoming a professional gamer. Also my friends at school sometimes teased me about being a pro gamer, but it wasn't very serious.

How has Vainglory and esports in general impacted your lives?

For me it started as a hobby that became something rewarding. Because at first i played just for fun and now it's part of my daily life.

When you’re playing, who tends to call the shots or direct the team?

Usually it was me or officialhein

Do you tilt very easily? Who’s the first to tilt?

I'm the one who usually tilts in my team.

In SEA, is there a team you follow as rivals, or even admire as fans?

I wouldn't call it a rivalry, but our toughest competition are Impunity and Renegades.

What about teams from outside of the SEA region?

Well I can't really zero in on any one team because most of the teams outside the region are really good.

How do you think you and your contempraries in SEA compare versus the western teams?

I think SEA teams are usually underestimated by players from the servers, but I believe there are many SEA teams that have potential.

Are there people you are most thankful to how far you’ve come? What was their contribution to your path to the worlds?

I want to say thank you to Yosep (iLoc) as sub roamer because he won us the championship during the Vainglory8 South East Asia Spring Championship. I also want to say thank you to our fans that support us because without you, we wouldn't have the passion to play.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how confident are you to win Vainglory 2017 world championship?

I would say 9. No Idonesian team has won the world championship yet. We are confident that we can make our country proud.

The Vainglory 2017 World Championship is coming to the Kallang Theater in Singaopre. The matches will take place on December 14-17, 2017. We wish all the luck to Elite8!

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