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EDward Gaming Claim Supremacy in the LPL

2016 LPL Summer W4 Recap

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Written by Adrien Escobin

We return to the Chinese region's LPL tournament where 12 teams across two different groups clash head on every week to gain dominance in the summer standings. Newbee, formerly Qiao Gu Reapers have been having a difficult start with this current season as they have dropped to the 5th seed in Group A. Meanwhile, Royal Never Give Up and EDward Gaming both remain in the fight for the top team in the LPL. Let's take a look at all the action in week 4 of the 2016 LPL Summer Split.

EDG Rises Alone At The Top!

During the first cross-conference series of the summer season, EDward Gaming triumphed over Royal Never Give Up in a 2-1 victory. EDG known as the holder of the 1st place position in the LPL's Group A came out the winners in a very close series. Their opponents, RNG, are no pushovers since this team is EDG's 1st place counterpart in Group B. EDG's botlane of Meiko and Deft performed extremely well and are the huge factors that led to EDG's victory over RNG. This is a great feat considering RNG's botlane consists of the best ADC considered by many, Uzi, and a former World Champion Support, Mata. At the end of it all, EDG stands as the only team left in the LPL that has not lost a series. Furthermore, EDG does not show signs of stopping soon as they are leagues ahead when compared to those in their group with maybe only Game Talents and Snake eSports stand a chance to rob EDG of their seat. On the other hand, RNG also show that they will not take this loss lying down as they immediately bounce back with a 2-0 victory over invictus Gaming in their second series of the week.

Team WE shows WEakness

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Team WE ended the week with a disheartening 0-2 against GT and Snake. WE is the team that has gone toe-to-toe with Group B leaders, RNG, even having a 4-series win streak over the course of the split. They have shown great strength being one of the veterans in the Chinese LoL scene. Unfortunately, week 4 was not kind to them. They lost to GT in Day 2, but they deny them a 2-0 victory. This was the same result with their matchup against Snake, as they still won a single game to mitigate some of the point loss after the week. Ultimately, WE's standing did not change and are still the top contenders in trumping RNG off the top spot of Group B.

Player of the Week: NB dade

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Samsung Blue's King of Spring is back and has shown he still is one of the best midlaners in today's meta. Although Newbee has recently under-performed, they had a great week. dade brought out his Yasuo which is famous as the only good Yasuo play of every midlaner ever (even Faker's Yasuo isn't as good). His play is not limited to unconventional picks like these as he could also play meta champs well like his Viktor in Game 2 against Vici Gaming.

Weekly Standings

Place Grp A Ratio Standing Points Grp B Ratio Standing Points
1 EDward Gaming 100% 6-0 +9 Royal Never Give Up 86% 6-1 +10
2 Game Talents 71% 5-2 +4 Team WE 57% 4-3 +3
3 Snake eSports 67% 4-3 +2 I May 50% 3-3 +2
4 Newbee 50% 3-3 -1 Vici Gaming 50% 2-1 -1
5 Invictus Gaming 29% 2-5 -4 LGD Gaming 29% 2-5 -6
6 Saint Gaming 0% 0-6 -10 Oh My God 0% 1-5 -8