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Doujin wins big at Busan

Philippines takes Tekken at the 9th Esports World Championship

Gab Lazaro

Philippine Tekken shone bright at the 9th Esports World Championship over at Busan as Playbook Esports' own Andreij “Doujin” Albar took the championship for Tekken 7 over Thailand’s Nopparut “Book” Hempamorn winning five games to three.

Doujin’s game knowledge was put on full display throughout the tournament as he used a multitude of characters to face off against the equally diverse opposition. Apart from Book, Doujin also managed to outlast Korean Superstar Sang-Hyun “Jeondding” Jeon, who got taken out early on during the top 16.

The grand finals started with Doujin managing to win game one with Shaheen. Unfortunately, Book was quick to adapt and managed to win the next two games quite convincingly. This forced Doujin to switch it up and pick Kazumi. The change led to a three -game win streak and put the Philippine representative on match point.

Book refused to give up and scored a perfect round to take game 7.

However in the end, Doujin would come out on top, winning the last game three rounds straight.

This is Doujin’s first international championship for 2017; a good sign for him heading into EVO Japan this coming January.

banner taken from iesf stream on twitch.

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