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Faceless Qualifies For The Dota Pit Season 5 Grand Finals

Mineski and Execration both fail to qualify.

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Team Faceless has won the Dota Pit Season 5 SEA Qualifiers, after a protracted 4 games against MVP Phoenix in the finals.

The first two games went to Faceless, with MVP Phoenix going early game aggressive to the point of reckless with a Pudge pick that had no safe hooks against carries Juggernaut, Timbersaw, and an early-BKB Sniper in game 1, and then no good stuns against Faceless' Weaver-Nyx Assassin combo in game 2. MVP's signature gank-heavy style paid off in game 3 however with a battle-ready Anti-Mage and Phantom Assassin just shredding Faceless for almost the entire first 20 minutes of the game. Faceless held out but eventually succumbed to three pushed lanes.

The last game saw Faceless proving without a doubt that they are currently the strongest SEAn team. With an over-farmed Morphling on Black^, the Singaporean team whittled down MVP's early game lead in kills and gold and eventually out-sieged MVP's Naga Siren.

As for the Philippine teams, Mineski.GGNetwork came close to the finals, going 1-1 against MVP Phoenix in the losers bracket finals before eventually losing to MVP in a drawn-out final game that ended when Meracle was caught solo near the rosh pit with no buyback. His Naga Siren was the only thing keeping MVP from just outright ending the game.

Execration was also unable to qualify after losing to MVP Phoneix as well with 0-2 in the first round, and then was eliminated by Mineski in the losers bracket. This means that there will be no PH representative in the Dota Pit tournament again this year, despite stellar performances from local teams in other tournaments.

Photo courtesy of Mineski-Dota

With this victory, Faceless is SEA's representative to Dota Pit on top of winning the SEAn qualifiers for the Boston Majors just last week. The Dota Pit grand finals are scheduled to take place in Croatia, in January with a prize pool of 125,000 USD.