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Dota 2 Update: A Nerf to Hero Spammers

Valve with an experimental change on Ranked Matchmaking

Maouie Reyes

Looks like Ranked Matchmakers will be seeing more of that -25.

In Valve's latest effort to fix the ranked matchmaking abuses, 25 random heroes will now be banned from the hero pool before the ban phase starts. Among 113, this recent update has reduced the choices to 88 in order address hero spamming. This experimental change will be applicable only at All Pick, Ranked Matchmaking game modes.

Along with the nerf to hero spammers, Valve has also addressed the pre-existing problems about user input contention and responsiveness. "Previously, if you cast a spell and before it finished casting, you cast two spells afterwards, only the last spell would cast," Valve explained.

Thanks to the recent update, players should expect difference with really fast/instant cast time done in sequence.

Here's Axe's Battle Hunger + Blink + Berserker's Call for example:


If the old update will only see Axe casting Berserker's Call after Battle Hunger, the improvement allowed the system to recognize the Blink Dagger in command then casting Berserker's Call.

The duration of Ranked Matchmaking experiment has been indefinite, as of the writing time.