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DeadlyKittens Win HGC 2017 SEA Season 3

Secures Slot for HGC 2017 Eastern Clash #2

Maouie Reyes

The Filipino-Singaporean hybrid team has been looking to establish their dominance over the Southeast Asian region.

After rampaging through the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Southeast Asia Season 3, DeadlyKittens claimed SEA's spot for Heroes of the Storm Global Championship 2017 Phase #2 Eastern Clash.

DeadlyKittens' journey to be SEA's representative for the Eastern Clash #2 seemed to be a brezzy walk in the park. They never dropped a single game and attended the Grand Finals with a 6-0 record.

Despite being under a different banner back then, the SEA Season 3 Grand Finals was a rematch between DeadlyKittens and Resurgence. It was the same Resurgence squad who DeadlyKittens had to defeat in HGC 2017 Southeast Asia Season 2 for Mid-Season Brawl.

The two teams met in the HGC SEA Season 2 Grand Finals for a ticket to Sweden for HGC 2017 Mid-Season Brawl. A couple of months later, the same squad faced off in another Grand Finals in order to be SEA's representative. But just like last time, DeadlyKittens pounced over their final step and remained will represent SEA once more for Eastern Clash #2.

Despite settling for a lowly 9-10th place finish during the HGC 2017 Mid-Season Brawl, DeadlyKittens are only proving that they have a lot more to offer as they clinched another chance to be SEA's representative.

Their 2-0 win against Resurgence also bagged them a $2,500 prize.

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