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ASUS ROG SEA Cup Day 1: Mineski.GGNetwork, Execration take on 7.00

How are our Filipino squads faring in their first 7.00 tournament?

Julius Tabios

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The opening ASUS ROG SEA Cup series of Filipino teams Mineski.GGNetwork and Execration looked pretty good despite recent roster changes to the two squads. In their first official tournament of the new 7.00 patch, they showed a good understanding of the sweeping changes as they pick up wins over their opponents.


Mineski.GGNetwork standin player Joel Chan chibix Jian Yong looked solid in his debut against Typhoon Gaming. Ralph rr Peñano dominated the series opener with his offlane Abaddon picking up 14 kills. Is Abaddon back in the meta? RR seems to make it seem so. In Game 2, it was a bit of a struggle to close out Typhoon. They had gold advantage majority of the game despite Typhoon's Alchemist as they eventually sweep Typhoon on the back of some excellent teamwork and a better clash oriented line-up.


Abed and the boys decided to kick things off with a heavy dive line-up featuring an Axe and Slardar. It worked wonders for against upstart Thai squad Neolution E-sports as they ran away with the series opener behind a Godlike performance by DJ's Axe. A good early game from Neolution's Legion Commander in Game 2 did not faze Execration in any way as they methodically took control of the game against their Thai opponents. Puck god Gabbi showed off his skills again for Execration in Game 2 as they sweep Neolution into the lower bracket.

Stay tune on Mineski.net as we continue our coverage of the ASUS ROG SEA Cup tomorrow. Catch the official stream here.