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Daigo Umehara set to compete at Manila Cup 2017

Everyone get ready, The Beast is coming

Gab Lazaro

A big announcement for the local fighting game community was made just last Friday: The Beast, Daigo Umehara, will be in attendance for Manila Cup 2017.

The most decorated fighting gamer of all time; Daigo is a name that has rocked the FGC for more than two decades. He holds the Guinness World Record as “The most successful player in major tournaments of Street Fighter”, with top placings in over 97 tournaments and winning 47 of them. He is recognized as one of the first global esports sensations and for pioneering esports in Japan, becoming the country’s first recognized professional gamer. Even before then the Japanese media had already dubbed him as “the god of 2D fighting games”.


Among the many highlights of his esteemed career, none may be more iconic than Evo Moment 37, which many still consider as one of the greatest moments in competitive gaming history.

In the Street Fighter series, there is a mechanic known as chip damage, where in you take very miniscule damage for blocking super moves or special moves. In the video, Daigo’s Ken was already at pixel health, meaning that blocking Chun Li’s super would still kill him because of this mechanic. He had no other choice but to parry. Parrying in Street Fighter III Third Strike involves you pressing forward simultaneously when an opponent’s attack is about to hit. This requires near frame perfect timing, around a 60th of a second. Missing one single parry meant death, especially against a multi-hit super move like Chun Li’s. Not only did Daigo parry all 15 hits, he was able to land a decisive combo after the last parry to win the game, garnering the applause and admiration of everyone present.

This single moment changed the fighting game landscape forever. It inspired an entire generation of future fans, players and pros. It’s a moment that has transcended gaming, being referenced in various media, being paralleled to other sporting moments and it even had an entire book written about it. The moment perfectly encapsulated what it meant to be playing a fighting game: incredible decision making, unbelievable execution, and making what seemed impossible possible.

13 years have passed and since then Daigo has continued to play in the highest levels, winning numerous tournaments along the way. His presence in the Philippines this September is something no local fighting game fan should miss.

Registration for Manila Cup 2017 is already ongoing. You can find the link here. In addition, the Road to Manila Cup this weekend over at Playbook Circuit Makati will be highlighting Street Fighter V. Whether you’re aiming to hone your skills or get that free slot, we’ll need all the preparation we can get if we’re going up against the Beast.